8.11 Summary Europe and Northern America

Kosovo not included in UN world population data so also not included in regional summary.

Likewise, North Macedonia (Roma Settlements) and Kosovo (Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian Communities) are not included in regional figures.

8.11.1 Total adolescent births

8.11.2 Total adolescent births by age at first birth

8.11.3 Contribution to total adolescent fertility by cohort and age at first birth

8.11.4 Contribution to total adolescent fertility by age at first birth (all cohorts)

8.11.5 Completed fertility by motherhood entry age

8.11.6 Difference in completed fertility between adolescent and non-adolescent mothers

8.11.7 Contribution of adolescent fertility to total fertility by cohort

8.11.8 Mean age at first birth

8.11.9 Adolescent parity progression ratios

8.11.10 Adolescent parity progression ratios by age (all cohorts)

Do individual cohorts?

8.11.11 Rapid Repeat Birth probability

8.11.12 Rapid Repeat Birth proportion