37.13 Other elements

Many research articles have other sections too:

  • References

    • Give the full citations of any work referenced, in the required format (such as APA, Harvard, etc.).
    • Organise and format references correctly: Many disciplines or journals have very strict guidelines for how references must be listed and formatted.
  • Acknowledgements: Thank people who legitimately contributed to the report, and research funding bodies. One attempt (Allen et al. 2019) has identified many different ways in which people can contribute: see, for example, https://www.elsevier.com/authors/policies-and-guidelines/credit-author-statement

  • Appendices

    • In the appendices, place important material that would break the flow of the document’s narrative.
    • Appendices may include large tables, images, detailed discussions of technical details, …
    • Sometimes, appendices may be placed online.


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