31.12 Quick review questions

A study (Egbue et al. 2017) of the adoption of electric vehicle (EVs) by a certain group of professional Americans (Example 5.14) compiled the data in Table 31.11. Output from using jamovi is shown in Fig. 31.12.

TABLE 31.11: Responses to the question ‘Would you purchase an electric vehicle in the next 10 years?’ by education
Yes No
No post-grad 24 8
Post-grad study 51 29
  1. The \(\chi^2\) value is:
  2. The approximately-equivalent \(z\)-score (to two decimal places) is:
  3. Using the 68–95–99.5 rule, the \(P\)-value is:
  4. From the software output, the \(P\)-value is:
  5. The alternative hypothesis will be:
  6. True or false: There is no evidence of a difference in the odds of buying a car in the next 10 years, between those with and without post-graduate study.
jamovi output for the EV study

FIGURE 31.12: jamovi output for the EV study


Egbue O, Long S, Samaranayake VA. Mass deployment of sustainable transportation: Evaluation of factors that influence electric vehicle adoption. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy. Springer; 2017;19(7):1927–39.