A Appendix: Data sets

The following data sets are available for download.

Data sets Example reference SPSS format csv format
B12 Sect. 31.9 B12-Long.sav B12-Long.csv
Baby boom Sect. 12.2.1 BabyBoom.sav BabyBoom.csv
Body temperatures Sect. 27.1 BodyTemp.sav
Bitumen Exercise 35.4 Bitumen.sav Bitumen.csv
Captopril Exercise 29.2 Captopril.sav
Cyclones Example 35.2 Cyclones.sav Cyclones.csv
Home insulation data Sect. 23.1 InsulationBeforeAfter.sav
Face-plant data Sect. 24.11 forwardfall.sav
Diabetes data Sect. 29.9 Diabetes.sav
Kerbside dumping Sect. 31.10 Kerbside.sav
Kidney stones data Sect. 14.1 KStones.sav
NHANES data Sect. 12.10 NHANES.sav
Mary River streamflow Table 13.1 138110A.csv
Emerald rainfall Exercise 25.4 EmeraldRain.sav
Pet birds Sect. 25.6 PetBirds.sav
Punting distance Exercise 35.2 Punting.sav Punting.csv
Reaction time and phones Sect. 24 ReactionTimePhoneInd.sav
Recovery time Sect. 27.10 RecoveryTimes.sav
Red deer molars Sect. 33.2 reddeer.sav
Removal efficiency Exercise 35.1 Removal.sav Removal.csv
Sheep-feed data Sect. 35.10 Ruminant.sav Ruminant.csv
Sandflies Exercise 31.1 Sandfly.sav
Scar heights Exercise 25.1 ScarHeight.sav
Uni students meals Sect. 31.1 UniStudentsLong.sav
Women’s energy intake Exercise 27.1 WomenEnergy.sav