27.12 Quick review questions

A study (Imtiaz et al. 2017) compared the nutritional intake of \(n=50\) anaemic infants in Lahore (Pakistan) with the amounts recommended.

The mean daily protein intake in the sample was 14g, with a standard deviation of 3g. The recommended protein intake was 13g.

The researchers wanted to see if the mean intake met the recommendation, or not.

  1. The standard error of the mean (to four decimal places) is
  2. The null hypothesis is:
  3. The test statistic (to two decimal places) is
  4. The two-tailed \(P\)-value is
  5. True or false? We accept the null hypothesis.
  6. There is to support the alternative hypothesis (that the mean daily protein intake is not 13g).


Imtiaz S, Ali Z, Chaudhry KA, Abbas F, Anjum N. Assessment of nutritional status of anemic children. Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences. 2017;11(1):131–5.