29.11 Quick review questions

A study (Bacho et al. 2019) compared joint pain in stroke patients before and after a supervised exercise treatment. Participants (\(n=34\)) were assessed before and after treatment. The mean change in joint pain after 13 weeks was 1.27 (with a standard error of 0.57) using a standardised tool.

  1. True or false? Only ‘before and after’ studies can be paired.
  2. True or false? The null hypothesis is about the population mean difference.
  3. The value of the test statistic (to two decimal places) is
  4. The two-tailed \(P\)-value will be


Bacho Z, Lajangang FJE, Khin NY, Shah SS, Chia YK, Jalil E, et al. The effects of comprehensive core body resistance exercise on lower extremity motor function among stroke survivors. Journal of physics: Conference series. IOP Publishing; 2019. p. 012025.