4.8 Optional: Interpreting and drawing boxplots

(Answers are available in Sect. A.4)

Environmentally-friendly buildings are often assumed to have a better indoor environmental quality (when occupants rate the comfort) than conventional buildings; in turn, this is assumed to have a positive impact on productivity.

One group of researchers decided to test this assertion. Figure 4.6 is taken from a study of office temperatures (Paul and Taylor 2008) in an environmentally-friendly building at Charles Sturt University.

Operative temperatures were measured in three offices between 8am to 6pm during four weeks near the end of summer; Office A is located on the ground floor, while Offices B and C are located on the top floor. The building is not air conditioned.

  1. Use this information to construct a boxplot of the range of office temperatures for the three offices.
  2. In words, describe the relationship.
  3. Do the offices appear to provide a ‘comfortable’ temperature?
Table 1 from Paul et al. (2008)

FIGURE 4.6: Table 1 from Paul et al. (2008)


Paul, Warren L., and Peter A. Taylor. 2008. “A Comparison of Occupant Comfort and Satisfaction Between a Green Building and a Conventional Building.” Building and Environment 43: 1858–70.