12.4 Critiquing past students' reports 3

The extracts below are from an actual student Project Report. Critique these extracts, and suggest better ways of communicating the information.

From a study comparing the size of lilly pilly leaves on different sides of the tree:

  • Research question: Among Weeping Lily Pily trees located at the University of the Sunshine Coast, do leaves that grow on the sunrise (east) side become longer than those growing on the sunset (west) side of the tree?
  • Null hypothesis: The leaves on the east and west sides of Weeping Lily Pily trees are same, therefore no relationship exists between the sunset (east) and sunrise (west) side of the tree and leaf length.
  • Results: The table of results in Fig.¬†12.1.
  • Methods: Chose the \(5\)¬†trees at the university that receive both easterly and westerly sunlight conditions The \(4\)th leaf on the branch will be chosen \(5\) times on each side of the tree
A table from a student project

FIGURE 12.1: A table from a student project