12.2 Critiquing past students' reports 1

The extracts below are from an actual student Project Report. Critique these extracts, and suggest better ways of communicating the information.

From a study comparing the mean distance an iron golf club and a wooden golf club can hit the ball:

  • Research question: For casual golfers, will using a metal club rather than a wooden club result in the ball travelling a further distance?
  • Summaries: The paired means are different with the iron golf club being moderately higher than the wooden club
  • Results (1): The \(95\)% CI for the difference in distance in metres (wooden verse iron) differes from \(34.74\) -- \(43.25\) further for shots with the Iron
  • Results (2): Very strong evidence exists in the paired sample (paired \(t = 18.406\); \(n = 50\); two tailed; \(P = 0.000\)) of a population mean difference between the wooden and iron golf clubs...