How this book was made

This book was made using R (R Core Team 2018), and the bookdown package (Xie 2016), which is based on Markdown syntax, using knitr (Xie 2015). Numerous other R packages were used too:

  • The diagrams were made in base R, or using the diagram package (Soetaert 2017).
  • The kableExtra package was used for nicer tables (Zhu 2018).
  • The map in Sect. 2.6 (interactive in the online version) is made using the leaflet package (Cheng et al. 2018).
  • Some data tables in the online version are displayed using the DT package (Xie et al. 2018).
  • Some plots use the plotrix package (Lemon 2006).
  • The NHANES data is provided by the NHANES package (Pruim 2015).
  • Some data are from the GLMsData package (Dunn and Smyth 2017).
  • The viridis package is used for some colour specifications (Garnier 2018) to make colours easier for those with colour-blindess to distinguish colours, and for better greyscale printing.
  • The webex package was used to create the interactive web exercises (Barr and DeBruine 2021).

All of this software is free and open source.

Other resources used include:

  • The online quizzes are embedded using H5P iframes.
  • Icons are from iconmonstr and are freely available.
  • The text folding (in the online version) was implemented by adapting advice from StackOverflow.
  • The polling in the online book is provided by Ferendum.
  • The cover for the book was made using a free image with Canva.


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