12.5 Critiquing past students' reports 4

The extracts below (including typos) are from an actual student Project Report. Critique these extracts, and suggest better ways of communicating the information.

From a study comparing how well sports-playing students can estimate distance compared to non-sports-playing students:

  • Research question: Among UniSC Sippy Downs students, are individuals who regularly play sports have closer estimations to the actual measurement when identifying the width of a regular path compared to individuals who don't play sports regularly?

  • Null hypothesis: The Null Hypophysis for our research question is that students who play sports regularly at the UniSC Sippy down campus have an increased level of perception when it comes to estimating distances.

  • Results: This sample presents strong evidence in support of the Null Hypothesis that sport status has an affect on distance estimation (regular played sport: mean \(176.36\) and non regular played sport: mean \(172.34\)).

  • Discussion: From our original research question we have concluded that it supports the Null Hypothesis as it has a large P-value (\(0.36\): one-tailed). Therefore we have proven that playing sports regularly has an effect on the accuracy of distance estimation.