6.5 Resources

This section provides some links to resources related to importing various forms and types of data.

6.5.1 Help on importing data

For more details on the readr package (Wickham et al., 2018):

The [RStudio cheatsheet](https://www.rstudio.com/resources/cheatsheets/) on importing and exporting data with the **readr** package.

Figure 6.3: The RStudio cheatsheet on importing and exporting data with the readr package.

6.5.2 Miscellaneous

For more general information about importing data:

  • See the Chapter 14 on Strings of r4ds (Wickham & Grolemund, 2017) for an introduction into parsing strings of text.

  • See the R package Datapasta and its vignette for a clipboard-based solution for cut-and-pasting data into RStudio.

  • The rio package provides a Swiss knife toolbox for data import and output.

  • For additional information on importing other types of data, see the official guide on R Data Import/Export.

  • Bookdown.org and its archive page contain books on a wide array of topics.


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