10.15 Ritualization Intervention System

Multiple strategies, such as the Future Family Tool, could be chained together to develop a suite of interventions. This would enable the possibility of approaching the behavioural challenge in a multi-pronged strategy which would compound their benefit and provide greater chances of influencing the outcomes in a positive way. It is key to pay attention to not just the 4 interwoven elements, but also to the Ritualization Mechanisms which can lead to greater uptake over time. These strategies can target different influencers who coordinate collective action, target key motivations for avoiding risk and promoting health, and thus together these interventions become the reinforcing mechanism, which over time ritualizes the behaviour.

Interventions across the woman’s timeline, such as the Future Family Tool, can therefore be unified through a common Rituals Strategy approach to increase adherence to recommended practices under the Ritualization Mechanisms:

See the Ritualization Framework Guide for more information.