10.9 Prioritizing HMW Theme directions for co-design

In November 2020 we organized a meeting with the RISE team to discuss and select the HMW themes to focus on in the upcoming co-creation of solutions. To focus the design work within these 8 HMW Theme areas, the team used a set of selection criteria that had been identified by advisory board members as solution characteristics that could make Project RISE’s contribution impactful and unique.

These were categorized as opportunities that:

  1. Leapfrogs current systems and way of doing

  2. Motivate her as a CHW

  • Simplifies work, and helps navigate the complexity in the system and in ASHAs work

  • Clarifies her role definition and brings respect to the ASHA

  1. Increase her efficacy as a CHW
  • Helps establish her as the culture broker

  • Increases ownership and buy-in among all stakeholders

  • Is a ‘win’ for all ASHA, system, community

  1. Demonstrates feasibility of implementation
  • Isn’t overly expensive to produce or implement

  • Is in accordance with local literacy levels

  • Uses appropriate technology

  • Doesn’t increase ASHAs workload

Based on these criteria the RISE team collectively voted on which HMW themes to prioritise. The vote results highlighted HMW Themes 1A and 1B, although due to the interconnected nature of the system, the others would be well covered during co-design and documented for potential action in the future.