7.1 Purpose

Here we examine a selection of behaviors that will be the basis for further analysis in the following chapter.

Each focal behavior addressed in this Chapter is associated with a source of influence and a reason. For example, a sequence of questions might go as such:

  • Did you feed your last baby colostrum?
  • Who told you to do this?
  • Why did you do this?

Broadly speaking, the ‘Who told you? part of the question means ’with whom do you associate the initiative to do, or not do, this this behavior?’ The ‘Why did you do it?’ part of this means ‘what outcome or consequence did you think was associated with doing, or not doing, the behavior?’ This allows us to associate a form of reasoning and a source of influence for each behavior. We also do this for instances of when the behavior was adopted and when it was not, so we know the reasons and influences for not doing them as well.

In the following sections, we introduce the behaviors that are studied in this framework, focusing on patterns in the behaviors, what differences exist between ASHAs and Mothers in the frequency of adopting them during their most recent pregnancy, and some analysis of factors associated with adopting these behaviors.

We especially consider how interaction with ASHAs affects uptake and if ASHA - Beneficiary differences influence variation in service delivery.

In the next chapter we look at patterns in the sources of influence and stated reasons.