10.6 From opportunity areas to Design Drivers

The Scope team started the define phase by developing Design Drivers based on the opportunity areas identified in the previous phase. The aim of the Design Drivers was to provide a vision to inspire and validate upcoming design solutions and strategies that leverage rituals to help ASHAs in their work and achieve better health outcomes.

Using a ritual lens, the team identified the following design drivers:

  1. To better position ASHA through a clear value proposition. Design solutions to strengthen the ASHA’s positioning and status within the health facility staff and the community, to allow her to build trust, respect, and self-efficacy, and to foster ASHAs’ future growth opportunities.

  2. To improve ASHAs access through solid personal and professional support networks. Design solutions to increase the ASHA’s reach through the use of support network mechanisms.

  3. To better empower ASHA as a Culture Broker through tools, training and job aids. Design solutions to strengthen her embedded role to effectively respond to local situations and translate biomedical recommendations to the community.

  4. To better prepare ASHA for the evolving needs of the community. Design solutions to ensure ASHAs’ continued relevance and efficacy in her work, and to engage ASHAs in creating a more robust and responsive health system to serve the changing needs of the community.