10.10 Phase III: Create - Drafting a Path to Future

10.10.1 4.1 Purpose and Process

The purpose of the Create phase was to take the prioritized HMW Themes from the Define phase and develop specific concepts and solutions through which to solve those challenges.

In the Create Phase, we explored the ideas, visualized concepts and articulated new end-user value propositions, retargeting, brainstorming, and discussing all the potential solutions. This helped us, together with the targeted users, to reflect on what is going to work and not. With each iteration the concepts become stronger and the team more informed. This new data is combined and analysed with existing evidence, seeking novel perspectives and entry points, until clear concepts emerge.

Working with people affected by the issue at hand and with a range of system and expert partners, early representations of interventions to demonstrate how they might be experienced are created and tested in context to gather feedback. Prototypes are abandoned, adapted, refined, and iterated upon as we learn more about what works and what does not. As the interventions improve and proof of concept emerges, they will be piloted with larger groups to measure effectiveness, and develop strategies for larger population-level uptake.

The Create phase co-design process was carried out iteratively between Oct 2020 to the end of the project in April 2021. The following visual gives an overview of the process, key activities and outputs. The activities and results have been further elaborated on the subsequent sections.

The codesign of each HMW Theme proceeded separately, with HMW Theme 1B starting first in December of 2020, and HMW Theme 1A starting in January 2021. Each Theme had separate objectives and recruitment, although the resultant concepts are discussed together. These co-design sessions explored what was happening, what is possible, and what could be trialed in each local context.