10.2 Overview of the design phases

The HCD component of the Rise project took a multi-pronged approach that was implemented over three phases:

Discover focused on ‘understanding the present’ through research and problem framing, building the foundation for the rest of the project. In the Discover phase the HCD approach was applied to facilitate the integration of the used multidisciplinary mixed method research, the analysis of the research to uncover nuanced opportunity areas, and providing new tools for gathering, clustering and visualizing insights to inspire action.

Define focused on further analysing insights from the Discover phase, and refining opportunity areas for strategies and solutions to improve the work of ASHAs. The define process engaged public health and development experts to collaboratively ‘create a future vision’ for the ASHA cadre, and drafted an actionationable design challenge and design drivers based on the opportunity areas.

Create is the third and final phase of RISE focused on ‘creating a path to the future’ by identifying sustainable solutions in collaboration with end-users. The Create phase utilized co-design with ASHAs, ASHA supervisors, stakeholders in the health system and community to refine ASHA 2.0 strategy and concept prototypes.