10.13 Ideation and concepts

While the co-design sessions were conducted separately, after initial brainstorming sessions it became apparent that there is a lot of overlap between the needed solutions, and that many ideas have other consequences not limited to the HMW Theme in question. To this end the ideas were grouped together based on their effect on the ASHA: Supports ASHA in behavior change, Increasing respect & motivation for ASHA, and Future pathways for ASHAs.

To prioritize which ideas to develop into concepts the team used the selection criteria (See Phase II: Define). Each selected idea was then detailed out using a set format which helped show the possibilities, limitations, and actors involved. This resulted in 9 concepts which were shared back with ASHAs and community stakeholders in January 2021, and built on further based on their feedback.

10.13.1 9 Concepts

  1. ASHA 2 ASHA Transition Ritual - Creating a new Vidai ritual where ASHAs connect engaged girls to the ASHAs in their in-law’s village.

  2. Future Family Tool - A timeline-based planning tool that the ASHA uses with the newlywed couple to counsel them about FP, using a storytelling format.

  3. Homecoming Ritual - Creating a new homecoming ritual involving ASHAs when the mother comes home after delivery to promote biomedically recommended behaviours and avoid harmful ones.

  4. ASHA Endorsement in Public - Public ceremonies and artefacts to endorse ASHA effort on individual and community level. Tracking and making explicit the improvement in health outcomes brought about by ASHAs at the health system level.

  5. Supervisor Feedback Mechanism - Establishing feedback systems which include training of supervisors, providing avenues for anonymous and structured feedback, and training for ASHAs in response to their own needs.

  6. CW Local Change Makers Group - Create a local women’s Community Worker (CW) unit comprising of an ASHA, AWW, and Jeevika to identify local issues faced by women and collectively advocate for change.

  7. Future ASHA Training - A new training protocol for ASHAs based on ‘shadowing’ i.e. learning from practices of an older, already successful ASHA.

  8. Digitalization of Work - Supporting the digital transition of ASHA payment, record keeping, outreach, and task management through subsidised devices, training, and incentivisation.

  9. Digitalization of Life - Identifying ‘digital influencer’ CHWs and supporting them on social media, by investing in digital literacy training and advocacy in communities.

See Annex for completed Idea Templates