10.8 HMW Themes: Expert feedback

The team synthesized all of the HMW statements generated during the Design Labs through a series of clustering and iteratively organized them into 8 thematic areas or ‘HMW Themes.’ Each of these HMW Themes were also accompanied by preliminary ideas (from the Design Lab and also generated through brainstorming sessions) that illuminate the possible solutions that might lie in that space. These early ideas can be found in the Annex.

Design driver HMW Themes
1. To better position ASHA through a clear value proposition. 1A. Revisiting the ASHA role and crafting a clear value proposition for the community, health system, and for themselves.
- 1B. Influencing the health outcomes by integrating biomedical knowledge and community practices
- 1C. Creating growth and development pathways for the ASHA role.
2. To give solid support to ASHA through personal and professional networks 2A. Building professional support structures and networks.
- 2B. Building professional support structures and networks.
3. To better empower ASHA through tools, training and job aids. 3A. Enabling ASHAs to better manage and prioritize their tasks and align them with her personal and professional goals.
4. To better prepare ASHA for the evolving needs of the community. 4A. Maintaining relevance with the changing needs of the community.
- 4B. Leverage Tech to reduce her work load, improve performance

To validate these Themes, get feedback and further ideas we organized three workshops with experts from our local implementing partner organization PCI and local voluntary organization Ekjut in November, 2020. Their feedback helped us shape prioritization categories, informed us of likely government buy-in or blockages, and identified alignment with other programs. To illustrate, there was much more discussion around HMW Theme 1 while there was relatively little discussion and excitement around HMW Theme 4.