Thoughts on Teaching Week 3 tutorial

Thoughts on Sect. 3.2

At present, exams are online.

This means that the need for students to use a calculator is diminished; they can use whatever they want (e.g., spreadhseet) I guess. We have no way of knowing.

For that reason, you may wish to reconsider how this is taught.

Thoughts on Sect. 3.3

You can have groups answer each part separately, then share their explanations with the class. You may wish to quiz the students about means and IQRs too.

For your info only (note the means and medians are very similar), see Table D.1.
TABLE D.1: TABLE D.2: Some statistics from the graphs
Std devs 7.04 5.90 5.10 2.84
IQRs 12.10 7.96 5.82 4.71
Medians 27.13 25.19 20.07 45.03
Means 27.15 25.26 21.49 44.95

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Thoughts on Sect. 3.5

Following on from the ruler-drop planning activity from Week 2 (Sect. 2.5): use the protocol established then, and have students actually collect data.

I suggest starting jamovi. (Remember: each unit of analysis (student) is a row; the columns will be Left and Right hand timings), Show students how to set up the variables, and have them come to the computer and enter their own data.

Then compute the differences (automatically; see me if unsure), and then show them how to produce an appropriate graph (e.g., histogram of differences).

Save the data!

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