Thoughts on Teaching Week 1 tutorial

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Thoughts on Sect. 1.6

One way to manage this: arrange students into groups, and have each group discuss PartsĀ 1, 2 and 3 separately. Then have each group share their answer with the class and discuss.

Or: have one person from each of GroupĀ 1, 2 and 3 form new groups (all containing someone from each group) to discuss the parts.

The last two parts of this question can be done by groups separately, then have the groups share with other groups.

Encourage and promote student discussion and debate about the answers. The point is that there are many possible options, all of which are acceptable, and all of which lead to different RQs.

  1. Note that Jane's actual assertion in the last sentence explicitly refers to "people", though the context really is (UniSC?) students as she asserts earlier. Encourage this discussion!
  2. In some ways, the answer is not important. But clearly stating what you are doing is important!
  3. Again, many options are possible. Some options for comparing to Earl Grey tea: coffee; hot water; black tea; nothing at all; anything else but Early Grey; etc.
  4. "Between before and after drinking Earl Grey tea" is a within-individuals comparison, not a between-individuals comparison because everyone in the population (sample) is treated the same way. There are not two groups in the population being compared.

Thoughts on Sect. 1.7

Encourage and promote student discussion and debate about the answers, within and then between groups. Then let the groups share their answers with another group(s).

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