2 Conception, Heredity, & Prenatal Development

After this chapter, you should be able to:

  1. Evaluate roles of nature and nurture in development.

  2. Define genes and chromosomes.

  3. Differentiate mitosis and meiosis.

  4. Explain dominant and recessive patterns on inheritance.

  5. List common genetic disorders and chromosomal abnormalities.

  6. Describe changes that occur within each of the three periods of prenatal development.

  7. Recognize the risks to prenatal development posed by exposure to teratogens.

  8. Evaluate different types of prenatal assessment.

In this chapter, we will begin by examining some of the ways in which heredity helps to shape the way we are. We will look at what happens genetically during conception, and describe some known genetic and chromosomal disorders. Next we will consider what happens during prenatal development, including the impact of teratogens. We will also discuss the impact that both the mother and father have on the developing fetus.41

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