B.4 Helpful worksheets

B.4.1 Engagement worksheet

This spreadsheet allows you to keep track of your activities for engagement credits. You can’t edit this document directly, but you can create your own copy, which you can then modify at will!

You can mark off when you do things like attending class and competing the activity summary, submitting pre-class questions, or completing a project component. When you make a substantial discussion post (outside of activity summaries), you can paste the link right into this spreadsheet. This makes it easy to send the TAs a log of your engagement and links for each week, and can also serve as a handy way to refer back to that conversation you were really involved in three weeks ago!

You can use this hypothetically, to see what will happen if you do (or don’t do) certain activities in future weeks. But, again, be careful to distinguish between plans and reality – especially if you are also using this as your engagement log! You may want to duplicate the worksheet so you can have separate hypothetical and actual versions.