Chapter 19 summary at phys point

Window quark AICd eq28d
W \(\ell\) 2.057(11)e-8 2.051(12)e-8
W \(s\) 2.751(64)e-9 2.744(67)e-9
W \(c\) 2.87(12)e-10 2.90(14)e-10
SD \(\ell\) 4.825(14)e-9 4.827(19)e-9
SD \(s\) 9.079(69)e-10 9.082(71)e-10
SD \(c\) 1.148(21)e-9 1.151(22)e-9
  • For W s we checked separatelly the value on only the eta-meson
  • For SD charm GG has more fit we check agreement on a subset