10.10 Sum W contributions

In this section we sum the contribution from the quarks \(\ell,s\) and \(c\). In order to measure the correlation we choose one analysis per quark

V1 V2
amu_W_l_rectangles__ 2.0556(75)e-8
amu_W_s_eta_rectangles_a4 2.743(31)e-9
amu_W_c_etac_rectangles_a4 2.899(29)e-10
total: 2.3590(81)e-8

The correlation between the contributions is:

l s c
l 1.0000000 0.0290484 -0.143566
s 0.0290484 1.0000000 -0.268596
c -0.1435660 -0.2685960 1.000000