11.7 final summary

amu_SD_l(AICc) : 4.809(38)e-9 7.917961e-12 3.709368e-11

amu_SD_l (no Mpi with +log, no Mpi with a4, no +log with a4) : 4.819(23)e-9 8.599547e-12 2.185657e-11

amu_SD_l(AICc) : 4.8217(71)e-9 2.5242e-12 6.599937e-12

amu_SD_s : 9.078(97)e-10 6.600929e-12 7.057733e-12

amu_SD_s(AICc) : 9.060(81)e-10 2.804112e-12 7.549819e-12

amu_SD_c : 1.165(14)e-9 7.293139e-12 1.194118e-11

amu_SD_c(AICc) : 1.152(21)e-9 6.15742e-12 2.010926e-11

amu_W_l : 2.071(32)e-8 2.114175e-10 2.342144e-10

amu_W_l(no a4-eq-op, no +log) : 2.059(12)e-8 7.792928e-11 9.660325e-11

amu_W_l(AICc) : 2.0590(82)e-8 7.000356e-11 4.198182e-11

amu_W_s : 2.733(66)e-9 6.132605e-11 2.400164e-11

amu_W_s((no +log, no a4-eq-op) : 2.728(39)e-9 3.536443e-11 1.561428e-11

amu_W_s(AICc) : 2.740(28)e-9 1.803194e-11 2.197553e-11

amu_W_c : 2.86(11)e-10 2.900696e-12 1.096452e-11

amu_W_s(AICc) : 2.84(12)e-10 2.535791e-12 1.122663e-11


  • \(a_\mu^W(\ell)\) value is higher than the paper, cause of the analysis with \(a^4\) in both OS and TM and the +log analysis, see Section 11.4 for the values without

  • The error on \(a_\mu^W(s)\) is larger, it can be reduced removing the +log analysis (in general with larger error), also a4_eq_op gives large error, see Section 11.5 for the average without these analysis, see Section 10.4 for some fits \(a^4\)