A Datasets

Most of the datasets used in this book are available in the R package SRMData, available free from CRAN.

The NHANES data is taken from the R package NHANES, also available for free CRAN.

The following data sets are available here as .csv (comma-separated variables) files. These can be used in jamovi, SPSS, and most other statistical packages.

Data sets Example reference csv file
AIS Sect. 37.12 AISsub.csv
Anorexia Exercise 23.4 Anorexia.csv
B12 Sect. 33.9 B12Long.csv
Baby boom Sect. 12.2.1 BabyBoom.csv
Batteries Exercise 30.6 Battery.csv
Bitumen Exercise 37.4 Bitumen.csv
Body temperatures Sect. 29.1 BodyTemp.csv
Captopril Exercise 31.2 Captopril.csv
Cyclones Example 37.3 Cyclones.csv
Deceleration Exercise 24.6 Deceleration.csv
Dental Exercise 32.5 Dental.csv
Diabetes Sect. 31.9 Diabetes.csv
Emerald rainfall Exercise 25.4 EmeraldAug.csv
Ferritin Exercise 31.4 Ferritin.csv
Fluoro Example 22.2 Fluoro.csv
Forward fall Exercise 24.7 ForwardFall.csv
Gorillas Exercise 35.3 Gorillas.csv
Hat wearing Exercise 25.5 HatSunglasses.csv
Horseshoe crabs Exercise 12.11 HCrabs.csv
Husband's heights Sect. 13.5.1 HusbandWife.csv
Insulation Example 12.21 InsulationBeforeAfter
Kerbside dumping Sect. 33.10 Kerbside.csv
Kidney stones data Sect. 14.3 KStones.csv
Lime trees Fig. 35.4 Lime.csv
Lung capacity (FEV) Example 36.3 LungCap.csv
Lynx numbers Example 12.24 Lynx.csv
Mandible Exercise 35.2 Mandible.csv
Mary River streamflow Table 13.1 MaryRiver.csv
NMiner Exercise 12.10 NMiner.csv
OSA Sect. 37.9 OSA.csv
Peas Fig. 36.3 Peas.csv
Permeability Fig. 13.3 Perm.csv
Pet birds Sect. 25.6 PetBirds.csv
Placebos Example 7.16 Placebos
Possums Exercise 36.5 Possums.csv
Punting distance Exercise 37.2 Punting.csv
Reaction time and phones Sect. 24 ReactionTimePhoneInd.csv
Recovery time Sect. 29.9 RecoveryTimes.csv
Red deer molars Sect. 35.2 RedDeer.csv
Removal efficiency Exercise ?? Removal.csv
Sand dollars Example 36.1 Sanddollars.csv
Scar heights Exercise 25.1 ScarHeight.csv
Soft drink delivery Exercise 35.1 SDrink.csv
Soils Exercise 36.7 Soils.csv
Speeds Sect. 24.9 Speed.csv
Stress Exercise 23.5 Stress.csv
Student weight gain Sect. 23.2 StudentWt
Uni students meals Sect. 33.1 UniStudentsLong.csv
Windmill and DC power Exercise 35.4 Windmill.csv
Yield of onions Fig. 35.5 YieldDen.csv