Chapter 2 Get Your Tools Ready


An artisan must first sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well.

                       -- 孔子《论语》
                         Confucius <Analects>

Since this book is “Do Data Science …”. It means learn data science by doing. First of all we need to get our weaponry or tools ready.

We already knew that there are a list of tools used by data scientists. Apart from the personal preference, the most used tool is R. This book will use R as the tools to do a complete data science project. However this is not a R language book(Black 2021), it will not teach you about R language and how to use it. It will simply demonstrate a data science project completion step by step, which is completed with R language(Hadley Wickham 2021).

By doing, I mean that you can simply mimic what I have done and follow along by typing or copy past my code into your working space, observe the effects and the results of each line of code execution. Thinking of why I have to do this and what results can I expect along the line of data science project’s process. monitoring the issue raised and the methods used to resolve the issues. It is a hope that at some points you can have your own thoughts, perhaps your own code, methods and experiments. Once that is achieved. the goals are reached.


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