1. Identify the code in this tutorial which can be conceptually categorized as Descriptive analysis and which one can be Exploratory analysis?

  2. Find out what is “rt” mean in R train <- read.csv("train.csv", header = TRUE) error message. Explore how to load files other than csv file.

  3. Explore load data through RStudio build-in functions. Check “File -> Import Dataset”, also check how to load data from a databases like MySql.

  4. Calculate survival rate among the three Pclass.

  5. Calculate the percentage of survival among different SibSpand Parch groups.

  6. Plot distributions of Fare, Embarked of passengers who survived or did not survive.

  7. Plot survival rate by Sex, Plot survival rate by Pclass, Plot survival rate by SibSp,Plot survival rate by Parch.

  8. Plot survival rate (percentage of survived over total number) by over Embarked ports.