3.2 Titianic at Kaggel

Titanic perhaps is the oldest and most participated competition on the Kaggle competition site. Even Kaggle used it as sample project to show how people can participant in a competition and submit your results.

Kaggle Competition on Titanic

Figure 3.3: Kaggle Competition on Titanic

We take Titanic as an example through this tutorial because of the following reasons:

  1. The story is well known and east to understand and communicate any actions and the cause of the actions in the analyze process.
  2. The competition has largest participants, so any issues are most likely have been studied already. So explore the discussion and other sources can help to solve any problem you may have.
  3. It is well studied, so there are plenty of alternative training materials available for your reference.
  4. Lastly, the problem itself is interesting one that has a characteristic of only has a better solution and no best solution. So people are still working in it and uses the latest technologies.