2.8 Working with Molecular Data

  • Searching NCBI resources for reference data
  • Finding experimental data from SRA, GEO, ENA
  • Submitting sequence data to repositories
  • Creating data visualizations

As the bioinformationist I am your go to expert for locating molecular data on the web. You might need to locate reference data for protein, rna or dna, you might be looking for a cell atlas, or to search big data on cancer. I am your go to person on campus for searching this type of information. I have provided support for many researchers pulling together data for their research or course content.

Lest say you want to enhance your awareness of what primary data is available for your area of research in the key molecular repositories SRA, Geo or ENA, I have the computational tools for retrieving that data and the expertise to search out data to explore.

Lets say also that you have just completed some high throughput data experiments for a NIH funded project and you need to submit your data to NCBI, consider letting us do the heavy lifting. I have submitted data for researchers to these key molecular repositiories and can assist you in doing the submission.

My final note on this topic is that I also have expertise in analyzing and visualizing RNA seq and other omics data. You may need to process some Bulk RNA-seq data that you have been meaning to get to or some single-cell RNA seq data. Maybe you need to create a phylogentic tree or perform a functional enrichment analysis and determine whats going on with your dataset I have access to the tools and resources to make this happen.