C Packages and Functions Used


  • read_csv(): import data from csv files


  • glimpse(): look at list of columns in data frame
  • select(): picks variables (columns) based on their names
  • mutate(): create new variables (columns) based on existing variables (columns)
  • count(): count unique values of one or more values
  • filter(): Subset rows using column values
  • group_by(): group data by one or more variables
  • summarize() or summarise(): summarize each group to fewer rows. Creates new data frame.


  • ggplot(): initializes a ggplot object
  • geom_line(): connects variables in order of variable on x axis. Used to create a line graph
  • geom_point(): used to create scatterplot, or add points to data on graph
  • scale_x_continous(): adjusts scale of continous variables on x axis.