2.9 Research Computing

You may find yourself in need of a computer to perform your data analysis. Especially if you’re working with a big dataset. Our Bioinformatics and Data Science workstation provides 128GB RAM and a lightning fast processor for accomplishing memory intensive and compute demanding data analysis tasks such as machine learning, principal component analysis, natural language processing and statistical modeling. The workstation provides a Linux computing environment and comes equipped with open-source software for bioinformatics and data science. When we were forced to work remotely due to COVID we had to discontinue availability of this resource since it required users to go to the library to use the workstation. Our plan is to open this service again. The game changer with this plan will be a new remote log-in feature as well as the ability to transfer data to the workstation via FTP. We will also be upgrading the system with more RAM, processing and an upgraded OS. We hope this plan will advance campus research computing and overcome new constraints imposed by virtual work.