2.3 Data Collection

  • Data collection tool on secure SOM server
  • Form and survey creation
  • Library of validated instruments
  • Longitudinal design and scheduling
  • Data Validation and Assurance
  • Exportation to common formats

Another area where we can help is in setting up data collection instruments. One of the great tools we have available here at UMB is REDCap. This is an excellent solution for data collection, especially if you are working with form or survey based data. It is housed on a secure server at the School of Medicine, and contains several useful features for working with data. With a simple spreadsheet it is easy for data to get lost or overwritten, but REDCap can help you track changes and versions in your data. You can build simple forms as well as surveys with options for both invited and anonymous responses. You can also build more complex longitudinal studies with tools for creating different study arms and for scheduling questionnaires. There are several options within redcap for data validation and de-identification. For example – you can specify formats for certain fields – like dates, and you can designate fields as identifiers so they can be easily removed later on. In addition to building your own forms – redcap also has a large library of validated instruments that you can import into your own project. You will also be able to view summary statistics and basic graphs and export files into numerous other formats that are useful for sharing and analysis including csv, R, and SPSS.

You need to go through a simple process of requesting access to redcap and J-P and I are happy to get you information on how to do that. We have a lot of experience too with building forms so we can definitely get you started.