PSYC 3950 Course Companion


Tyler R. Pritchard


December 17, 2022

1 Welcome to PSYC 3950!

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March 2023

  • Mixed ANOVA

  • Simple/Multiple Regression Updates

Feb 11, 2023

  • ANCOVA chapter added

Feb 2, 2023

  • Simple Regression chapter added

Jan 29th, 2023

  • Correlation chapter added
  • Multiple regression chapter in progress

1.1 About the course

From the university calendar:

PSYC 3950 Research Methods and Data Analysis in Psychology III will cover advanced research methods, including survey methods, and supporting statistical concepts and techniques. Designs will include single factor designs and multi-factor designs with both random and fixed factors. Supporting statistical concepts will include analysis of variance (ANOVA) from a linear model perspective, statistical power, and multiple regression, including model building. There may be a general introduction to multivariate statistical techniques. Ethical issues in research will be discussed in detail. Students will be required to design and carry out at least one research project from the design to the writeup stage, including an ethics review. (Grenfell Calendar)

1.2 About the author

My research program has three focal points. First, I research pathways that may lead to suicidal ideation and/or behaviours. Recent theoretical frameworks have sought to understand causes of suicidal ideation and how this transitions into a suicide behavior (e.g., IPTS, 3ST). I hope to contribute to these understandings. Broadly, I endorse a multilevel systems framework in understanding psychopathology including suicidal ideation and behaviours.

Second, I research the unique suicide-related needs and risks of individuals living in rural areas, particularly rural Canada. I hope to better understand the needs of rural peoples regarding suicide education, prevention, and intervention, and related-mental health concerns.

Last, I research how individuals who self-injure engage with online content or others (e.g., social networking), including the benefits and harm associated with this use.

I have taught at University of Guelph and Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

1.3 About this book

This book is a companion to the PYSC3950 course. Please check back regularly.