20 October 22

20.1 Announcements

  • All proposals have been graded and returned with comments (check your email)
  • Redo of assignment 2 and 3
  • Q & A for assignment 4

20.2 Mechanistic spatio-temporal models for trajectories

20.3 Summary

  • Spatio-temporal modeling of trajectories (i.e., movement data) is an emerging area of research
    • Model based vs. summary statistics
  • Current and future research
    • Inference from multiple trajectories (e.g., multiple people running the same marathon)
    • Summarizing single trajectories
    • Fitting models to “big data”
    • Model selection
    • Inclusion of predictor variables
    • Influence of other moving objects (e.g., networks of moving animals)
    • Constrained support of movement process