14 October 1

14.1 Announcements

  • Summary of teaching assessment 1 & changes course
    • Thank you for the feedback!
    • New office hours added 2-3pm on Wednesdays
    • Access to most recorded lectures
      • Do not share lectures without my permission (see Copyright notice in syllabus)
    • I will use ipad more.
    • I will do more live coding demonstrations.
    • Can we have a plan about the rest of the semester?
    • Why is the class biased towards Bayes?
      • Story time!
    • Why is it difficult to know how to start homework?
    • Please use the “joy” emoji if I am presenting material too fast
    • Please use the “open mouth” emoji if you are struggling to understand something
  • Assignment 4 will be posted by next lecture

14.2 Assignment 3