1 August 18

1.1 Welcome

1.2 Course format

  • Previous course format and changes
  • My philosophy and what I can offer
  • Will this course be better online?
  • Course design
    • Phase 1-Crash course in spatio-temporal statistics (~1.5 months)
      • Standard lectures with lots of reading
      • Goal is to get to phase 2 as soon as possible
    • Phase 2-Problem based learning
      • Phase 2 is designed to mimic research
      • Data/question motivated applications
        • Contact tracing
        • Estimating and predicting community spread
        • Earthquake prediction in space and time
      • If you have a data set or problem you would like me to consider using in class please send me an email with a short description
      • Phase 3-Class project of your choice
  • How to best interact with me
    • Depends on your career path
    • Easy to access online
    • Please make good use of our time

1.3 Reading Assignment

  • Read pgs. 1-15 in Wikle et al. (2019)
  • Test poll feature in zoom
    • I may use the polling feature in zoom to test you over the readings this semester

1.4 Assignment 1

  • Assignment 1
    • In-class demonstration of R Markdown