C Introduction to R

The manual “An Introduction to R” gives an introduction to the language and how to use R for doing statistical analysis and graphcis in detail.

Additionally, in this section you can find a set of Cheat Sheets of this programming language:

  • R Base for first steps and basic functions of the language.

  • R Advanced for environments, data structures, functions, subsetting and more advanced things.

  • The Data Import cheat sheet reminds you how to read in flat files with http://readr.tidyverse.org/, work with the results as tibbles, and reshape messy data with the tidyr package. Use tidyr to reshape your tables into tidy data, the data format that works the most seamlessly with R and the tidyverse.

  • Data Transformations for some functions in dplyr packages very useful and computational efficient to preprocess data.

  • Data Visualization for make beautiful and customizable plots of your data by means of the ggplot2 package. It implements the grammar of graphics, an easy to use system for building plots.

Finally, you can find below a list with some well-know web resources related with this statistical language: