8.5 Today & repetition

  • Some questions…
    • Fitness tracking app Strava gives away location of secret US army bases(Hern 2018)
      • Did anyone see that coming?!?
    • What where the 3 Vs?
    • Measurement & Data: What is a variable? What is a distribution? What is a cell?
    • Data: What is a joint distribution? How many cells are there in a distribution with 3 dichotomous variables?
    • Models: What is a model? What’s an example for a simple model?
  • Today
    • Any questions about R?
    • Start with exercise on previous slide.
    • Quickly talk through 5.2-5.9 and possibly 7.4.


Hern, Alex. 2018. “Fitness Tracking App Strava Gives Away Location of Secret US Army Bases.” The Guardian, January.