10.5 Swan (2013) The Quantified Self

  • Swan, Melanie. 2013. “The Quantified Self: Fundamental Disruption in Big Data Science and Biological Discovery.” Big Data 1 (2): 85–99.

  • Q: Whats the topic of this study?

  • Physical activities: miles, steps, calories, repetitions, sets, METs (metabolic equivalents)
  • Diet: calories consumed, carbs, fat, protein, specific ingredients, glycemic index, satiety, portions, supplement doses, tastiness, cost, location
  • Psychological states and traits: mood, happiness, irritation, emotions, anxiety, self-esteem, depression, confidence
  • Mental and cognitive states and traits: IQ, alertness, focus, selective/sustained/divided attention, reaction, memory, verbal fluency, patience, creativity, reasoning, psychomotor vigilance
  • Environmental variables: location, architecture, weather, noise, pollution, clutter, light, season
  • Situational variables: context, situation, gratification of situation, time of day, day of week
  • Social variables: influence, trust, charisma, karma, current role/status in the group or social network

Source: Augemberg K. 2012. Building that Perfect Quantified Self App: Notes to Developers, Part 1. Available online at www.measuredme.com/2012/10/building-that-perfect-quantified-self-ap (Last accessed on March 20, 2013).Google Scholar