Column 8 (257-269)

Esna 257

khb nḫt
pr-ʿ pw
prỉ m Ỉs.t
zȝ smsw n (wnn-nfr mȝʿ-ḫrw)|

ḏrty šps ḥqȝ fk-ḥr.t
pr m pr=f
m qn nḫt
ʿq pr-ẖnmw m nḏm-ỉb

š ẖnmw m ȝw.t-ỉb
Mnḥwy ḫnt Ḥw.t-Snfrw

The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
the strong warrior,192
that is the One forthcoming of arm,
who emerged from Isis,193
eldest son of (Wennefer justified)|

The august falcon, ruler of Fek-heret,
who leaves his temple
in victory and might,
and enters Per-Khnum in happiness.194

May Khnum receive you in happiness:
Menehwy foremost of Hut-Snofru (Asfun).

wbny dỉ ḥḏḏ.wt
ỉty nb nṯr.w rmṯ
nfr ỉrw
p.t tȝ dwȝ.t
ẖr sḫr.w=f

mḥ-ỉb n ỉt=f Rʿ
hrw dmḏ
wḏ=f n=f ỉȝw.t=f
ḥr-sȝ kḥkḥ
ỉr.n=f ỉmỉ.t-pr
ḥr rn-f rʿ-nb

ẖnmw-Šw zȝ-Rʿ
ḫnty Pr-nṯr

B The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
the rising one (Khnum), who emits light;
Sovereign, lord of gods and people,
beautiful of visible form,
Heaven, earth, and Duat
bear his conditions.

Trusted companion of his father, Re,
on the day of battle.195
He commends to him his office
after growing old;
having made a property deed
in his name, every day.

Khnum-Shu, son of Re,
foremost of Per-netjer.

Esna 258

Cartouches of Antoninus Pius and Heka, before Khnum and Behedety. Conventional spellings of each name.

Esna 259

1ȝbd 3 šmw sw 20
ḥb ṯȝy ʿwn(.t
ḥb qn n ẖnmw ḫ r=f

dwȝ nt sḫʿ
ḥqȝ mnỉw.w
ỉr(.t) ʿbw
ỉn ẖry-ḥb ḥry-tp
ʿq r-ḫnt n Pr-nṯr
ỉsk sw ẖ m ẖkr.w=f
ḥby.t m ʿ=f
n ḥb pn

ʿḥʿ r ḫft=ḥr
n Pr-Šw
r-gs dwȝ.t štȝ.t nt.t ỉm
ỉw ḥr=f r zȝ-nb-ẖnn
2rs nṯr šps ỉm=f

1 III Shomu 20 ( Epiphi 20 )
Festival of Taking the Baton,
also called the Victory Festival of Khnum.

Morning of the procession
of the Ruler of Herdsmen;
performing purifications
by the Chief Lector Priest.
Enter inside Per-netjer,
while he is adorned in his ceremonial clothes;
the festival papyrus in his hand,
for this festival.

Stop on the dromos
of the Temple of Shu,
beside the mysterious Duat which is there,
his face toward the zȝ-nb-ẖnn-lake;196
awakening the august god197 within it.
Words spoken:

§ 1

rs=k nfr m ḥtp
rs ỉtn=k m p.t
stw.t=k m ȝḫ.ty
sḥḏ tȝ.wy m mȝwy=k
m ḥtp
rs=k ḥ

May you awake well!
May your solar disk in heaven awake,
and your rays in the Akhet-eyes,
you who illumine the two lands with your light,
in peace.
May you awake having rested!

§ 2

rs twȝ Nw.t
wȝḥ tȝ n Gbb
ḫʿ nty nb.w
šȝʿ tȝ
m ḥtp

May he who lifts up Nut awaken,
who lays down the earth for Geb,
so that all things appear,
he who began the earth,
in peace!
May you awaken having rested!

§ 3

rs ẖnmw
qdỉ rmṯ.w
ms nṯr.w
wtṯ ỉr.t nb.w ʿnḫ

May Khnum awaken,
he who built humans,
and birthed the gods,
who begat every living creature.

§ 4

rs ṯnn Nwn wr
ms wȝḏ-wr
sḫp(r) nw(d) rḏw-nṯr
ỉr ḥʿw=f

May Tatenen, great Nun awaken!
He who made the Great Green,
who created the flowing of divine efflux,
and made his body.

§ 5

rs bȝ n Šw ḫnt Ỉwny.t
ṯȝw n ʿnḫ
n srq ḥty.t
m nf pr m rȝ=f

May the Ba of Shu within Iunyt awaken!
Breath of life,
for making throats breathe
with the breath which emerges from his mouth.

§ 6

rs Nwn wr
sḫp(r) ḥtp.w
ẖnmw ḫnt sḫ.t
srwḏ rnp.w
sḫpr pr.t nb
n qmȝ.n=f

May great Nun awaken!
He who created offerings,
Khnum foremost of the Field,
who causes fresh plants to grow,
who produces all seeds
for those whom he created.

§ 7

rs sḏm spr.w
nỉs n=f ỉr.t-nb.w
sdȝdȝ n=f ḥȝ.w-nb.w
ʿȝ bȝw=f r bwt
m ḥtp
rs=k ḥ

May he who hears prayers awaken,
all creatures call out to him,
and those beyond the shores tremble for him,
his power is great against the abomination,
in peace!
May you awaken having rested!

Esna 260

rs.w nw Šw

The Awakenings of Shu.
Words spoken:


rs=k nfr
nhp.n=k m dwȝw
ỉtn=k r mȝȝ ỉtn
nhs nṯr.w r mȝȝ nfrw=f
ʿnḫ=sn m st.wt=k
fȝỉ=k ḥr=k
ṯz=k r’.w
ỉr=k 5mṯn ḥr šm
ỉr=k ẖr.t
n r’ nb ḥr wnm
ʿ.wt mnmn.t ḏdf.wt rm.w ȝpd.w

May you awake beautifully!
When you burst forth in the morning,
replacing yourself(?) to see the sundisk.
Gods awake to behold your beauty,
since they live from your rays.
As you lift up your face,
so you attract mouths;
as you make a 5 path while moving,
so you creat sustenance
for all eating mouths:
livestock, serpents, fish, birds.

hb=k wȝwȝ.w m sbḫ.t dwȝ.t
pẖr=k qr.ty štȝ.wt

dwȝty.w ḥr ʿḏʿḏ n mȝȝ=k
nhs=k nȝ bȝ.w ỉqr.w

dỉ=k ḥw.t-ʿȝ.t m mrḥ sk
6m-ḫm ṯb.ty=k
ḥȝp=k štȝ.wt
r ỉmn sḫr.w=k

You emit rays past the portal of the Duat,
and you go around the mysterious grottoes.

Those of the Duat rejoice to see you,
as you awaken the excellent Bas.198

You put the Great Palace in decline,
6 without (the presence) of your sandals,
you cover the mysteries,
in order to hide your conditions.199

kfȝ=k ʿfn
bȝq dwȝ.t
m ḥʿʿ n nw=k

wnf=k ỉ(ȝ)kb
dr=k mḥr
n nȝ bȝ.w ȝṯpty.w

wḏb=k r r’-ʿ=k n sf
pẖr=k štȝ.wt
n ỉḫm.w-wrḏ.w
ỉw=k (ḥr) qd r šzp=k
r ẖnm pr-wr m skt.t
wỉȝ=k m ḥʿʿ ẖr sšm=k
ntk pw wḥm n Rʿ

You reveal what was covered,
and the Duat is radiant,
rejoicing to behold you.

As you cheer up the weeping,
so do you repel bitterness,
from the burdened souls.

You return to your position of yesterday,
as you go around the mysterious regions
of the indefatigable stars.
You sail as you desire,
to join the Per-Wer in the day bark.
Your bark rejoices carrying your image:
for you are the replica of Re.


7rs=k nfr
wbn=k m (ỉ)ʿḥ
mḥ.n=k nȝ bȝ.w dmḏ(.w)
ʿpr.n=k wḏȝ.ty
m r’.w=sn

ḫprw=k m nḫt n Rʿ
zḫ ṯȝ.ty ỉm r-ḥnʿ=k
bqȝ.tw mḥn.t
ḫrs.n=k snk.t m ḥr.t
m ỉnm nfr n ỉtn
ỉb=k sṯỉ=sn m ỉr.ty

7 May you awake beautifully!
You shine as the moon,
as you completed the United Bas,
so have you equipped the two wedjat-eyes
with their parts.

Your manifestation is the champion of Re,
the two children are united there with you,
and the uraeus is radiant;
that you have repelled darkness from the sky
is with the beautiful color of your disk,
from your desire that they all see
by means of the two (celestial) eyes.

ỉr.n=k snḫḫ
wp.n=k ȝbd nb
r ms(.t) rnp.wt
8ỉn.n=k smd.t ỉmỉ.tw=sn

dỉ.n=k dmḏy.t
n pr ỉm=k
r ṯz ỉwʿʿ n nṯr.w
m ḫprw=k

nsw.t nḥḥ
ỉn.n=k ḏ.t
dwȝty ḥwnw
ỉỉ.tw m mȝwy

As you have performed rejuvenation,200
so you separated every month,
in order to produce years;
8 you have attained the full moon in between.

You have set the appointed time
for those who come forth from you,
to select an heir for the gods
in your manifestation:

King of cyclical eternity,
having achieved linear eternity;
rejuvenated star of the morning,
who arrives anew.


rs nfr
spr=k m Ḥʿpỉ
mḥ.n=k tȝ.wy nb.w
m rḏw=f

ỉt nṯr.w
ḫp(r) ḏs=f
ỉmn ỉwty rḫ=f
Nwn wr
ỉwḥ ȝḫ(.t)
ms pr.t nb.w
šny.w nb.w ḥrr.w nb.w

9qmȝ m r’-ʿ.wy=k
ḫwỉ.n=k nṯr.w
sḏfȝ.n=f ḫm.w=sn
sʿšȝ.n=k pȝ.t rḫy.t
sšm=k r’ nb ḥr wnm

Awake beautifully!
You arrive as Hapi,
having filled all the lands
with your efflux.

Father of the gods,
who came into existence himself,
hidden, without being known;
Great Nun,
who floods the field,
and creates all seeds,
all plants and all flowers.

9 He who creates with your activity,
as you protected the gods,
so you provisioned their shrines;
you multipled elites and commoners,
and you guide all eating mouths.

nfy ḥr nn
ẖr.t=sn pr(.w) ỉm=k
pr Ḥʿpỉ m ṯpḥ.t=k
ẖr ṯb.ty=k
ṯpḥ.t Nwn r sḫnt=f

ntk pw pr m swḥ(.t)
mḥy.t ḫnm n fnḏ=k
10r sʿnḫ ḥr.w-nb.w

nḫb.n=k tȝ pn
m ḫprw=k
ntk pw sḫm n Rʿ-Ḫr-ȝḫty
ỉỉ n=k nṯr.w m dḥn tȝ
m ḥtp=k ns.t n Rʿ
nn snw=k
wp-ḥr=k wʿ.w

wȝḥ.n=k spȝ.wt nỉw.t
m qmȝ.n ỉb=k
ms.n=k ʿḫm.w=sn
psš.n=k wnn.t nb
nt(y) m ḫm=sn
m qd=s(n) n ʿnḫ

This and that,
their sustenance comes forth from you;
Hapi emerges from your grotto,
beneath your sandals:
(from) the grotto of Nun until it advances.

It is you who comes forth as air,
the northwind is the breath of your nose,
10 in order to enliven everybody.

You have assigned this land
in your manifestation.
For you are the image of Reharakhty,
the gods come to you bowing to the ground,
when you occupy the throne of Re,
as the vizier(??),
without your equal,
except you alone.

That you established nomes and cities,
was according to your heart’s plan;
you fashioned their divine images,
and you apportioned all that exists which is in their shrines
in their living forms.


rs=k nfr
šȝʿ.n=k ḫp(r)
ṯz.n=k ẖ.t n nṯr.w
tȝ pn mḥ(.w) ẖr ỉr.n=k
wḏ ỉb n qmȝ.n=k

ỉỉ.n=k m snw n ỉt=k
ỉr.n=k msq
ḫy nḥp m ḏr.t=f
mn qmȝ pw
wn r-ḥȝ.t Rʿ pw
pr m fnḏ=f

May you awake beautifully!
As you begin creation,
so you bound the body of the gods.
This earth is filled with what you made,
who commands the heart of what you created.

You arrived as the second of your father,
as you endure,
so you made the skin;
the potter’s wheel is high in his hand,201,
and the creator is stable.
That is, what was before Re,
and which came forth from his nose.


rs=k nfr
ḫprw=k m Ḥw
Sỉȝ pw m ḏ.t=k
ḫ m zš
zmȝ.tw m ẖ.t n mw.t=k

ỉỉ.tw m nḥḥ
ỉ m wḏ=k
nn ḫ ḏd(.t)=k

12spr.n=k wʿ
msḫn(.t) pw m ḏ.t=k

May you awake beautifully!
Your manifestation is Hu,
that means Sia in your body.
Protected in writing,
united with the body of your mother.

You have arrived as eternity,
and one acts according to your decree,
one cannot contradict what you say.

12 You have arrived alone,
that means the birthbrick is in your body.


rs=k nfr
dwȝ tw nṯr.w
swȝš tw ḥnmm.t
dỉ=k ṯȝw r fnḏ nb
dp=sn m hh ṯȝw=k

Rʿ (ḥr) dr ḫfty.w=k
nṯr.w swȝš.n=sn
m nfrw=k

May you awake beautifully!
The gods worship you,
the sunfolk praise you.
Tou give air to every nose,
they taste the blaze of your breath.

Re drives away your enemies,
and the gods rejoiced
through your goodness.


rs=k nfr
ỉt nṯr.w
ẖnmw ỉnỉ-ḥr.t
Ḥr ṯmȝ-ʿ
rs Rʿ r mȝȝ nfrw=k
Ỉtm ḥtp=f m tȝ-ʿnḫ

May you awake beautifully!
Father of the gods,
Khnum Onuris,
Horus valiant of arm.
Re awakens to see your beauty,
(as does) Atum as he sets in the West.


rs=k nfr
mswt n Rʿ
ỉwʿʿ mnḫ n ỉt=f

nn wn
13nhs tw m štȝ.t
nn qȝʿ=f m ẖ.t=s

ỉỉ.n=k m wʿ
nn snw=f
wp-ḥr=k wʿ.w

May you awaken beautifully!
Image of Re,
beneficent heir of his father.

There was nobody (else)
13 who might awaken you in the womb,
who might expel you from her belly.

You arrived as one alone,
without his peer,
except for you alone.


rs=k nfr
p(ȝ) swḏȝ ỉb.w
zȝ.n=k ms.w=k

ḏȝỉ=k ḥr.t ḥnʿ Rʿ
wṯz=k wʿr.t Nw.t

May you awake beautifully!
He who keeps hearts healthy,
having protected your children.

As you sail the sky alongside Re,
so you lift up the leg of Nut.


rs=k nfr
sqd ỉzy.t=k
m ḥȝ.t wỉȝ=k

spr.n=k ỉmnt.t n.t p.t
srq nt(y).w-ỉm

May you awake beautifully!
You who sail your crew,
and receive them
in the front of your bark.

That you reached the West of heaven,
is so those who are there might breathe.


rs=k nfr
m rn(.w)=k nb.w
ẖnmw-Rʿ nb sḫ.t
Šw […] 14ỉt nṯr.w
sḫm šps
ḥry-tp tȝ.wy
wȝḏ tȝ.wy m nfrw=f

sqȝ tw ỉtn r s.t=f
ḥḏḏ.w m ḥr=k

wnn=k wnn.t nb.w
ỉw ỉr.n=k wnn.t nb

May you awake beautifully!
In all your names,
Khnum-Re Lord of the Field,
Shu […] 14 father of the gods,
august image,
chief of the two lands,
all lands thrive in his perfection.

The sundisk elevates you,
and you come forth to his place,
solar rays in your face.

As you exist, so everything exists,
and vice-versa,
since you made all that exists.

dwn.n zȝ Rʿ
dwn n zȝ rn=k

ỉw rn=k mn(.w) r nḥḥ
m ḥw.t-sr
wr m Ỉwnw

ỉw ʿḥʿy.t=k
m s.t ḥr.t m Ỉwnw
ỉw=k ḫʿỉ.tw
m-ẖnw Ỉwny.t
ḥw.t-bȝ.w ḥw.t-ṯȝ.wy
wnn=k m ẖnw=w ḏ.t zp-snw
ẖnmw-Rʿ nb sḫ.t
Šw zȝ-Rʿ ḏ.t zp-snw

ḥtp ḥr=k nfr
n nsw.t-bỉty
(ȝntnyns ḫwỉ)|
nn šw n=k ṯȝw=k
m šr.ty=f rʿ-nb

As the Son of Re extended,
so did the son of your name extend(?).

Your name endures eternally
in the Temple of the Prince,
great one in Heliopolis.

Your stations endures
in the Upper Place in Heliopolis.
You appear in glory, 15 mighty,
within Iunyt (Esna),
Temple of the Bas, Temple of the Chicks,
you shall exist in them forever!
Khnum-Re Lord of the Field,
Shu son of Re, forever!

May your beautiful face be kind
to the King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
(Antoninus Augustus)|.
May your breath never be lacking
from his nostrils, every day.

Esna 261

15rs.w nw ẖnmw

15 The awakenings of Khnum.
Words spoken:


rs=k nfr m ḥtp

rs ẖnmw Ỉmn wr
pr m Nwn
m ḥtp
rs=k ḥ

Awake beautifully in peace!

Awake,202 Khnum Amun the great,
who came forth from Nun,
in peace!
May you awake, having rested!


rs nb sḫ.t
ẖnmw wr
rdỉ tȝš=f m ww
16m ḥtp
rs=k ḥ

Awake, Lord of the Field,203
Great Khnum,
who places his boundary in the field,
16 in peace!
May you awake, having rested!


rs nb nṯrw rmṯ.w
nʿš dnỉw.t
m ḥtp
rs=k ḥ

Awake, Lord of gods and people,
fierce of shouts,
in peace!
May you awake, having rested!


rs ʿȝ sḫr.w
wr bȝw n šmʿ-mḥw
m ḥtp
rs=k ḥ

Awake, Great of Plans,
Large of power in Upper and Lower Egypt
in peace!
May you awake, having rested!


rs nb ʿnḫ
ẖnm ỉd.wt
bs n=f nṯr.w rmṯ.w
ḥr ỉr(.t) wḏ.t=f
m ḥtp
rs=k ḥ

Awake, Lord of Life,
who unites with females,
for whom gods and people come forth
doing whatever he commands,
in peace!
May you awake, having rested!


rs bȝ wr-šfy.t
qȝ-šw.ty spd-ḥn.ty
m ḥtp
rs=k ḥ

Awake, Ba great of prestige,
tall of plumes, sharp of horns
in peace!
May you awake, having rested!


rs rw ʿȝ
shd rqy.w
m ḥtp
rs=k ḥ

Awake, great lion,
who punishes the rebels204
in peace!
May you awake, having rested!


rs ỉty qn nḫt
17ỉṯ r-ḏr ḥr=f
m ḥtp
rs=k ḥ

Awake, mighty and victorious sovereign (ỉty), 17 who seizes (ỉṯ) whatever is before him205
in peace!
May you awake, having rested!


rs ḥbs ḥr=f
’ḫn.n=f ỉr.ty=f
r ḫfty.w=f
ẖr ẖkr.w nw ʿḥȝ
m ḥtp
rs=k ḥ

Awake, he who covered his face,
and shut his eyes
against his enemies,
bearing battle armor,206
in peace!
May you awake, having rested!


rs ḥqȝ mnỉ.w
ṯȝy ʿwn
n dm thỉ sw
m ḥtp
rs=k ḥ

Awake, chief of the herdsmen,
who seizes the baton
for striking whomever attacks him,
in peace!
May you awake, having rested!


rs ḫnt ʿȝ
ḥr ḏd
smȝ wʿ snw=f ỉm=tn
m ḥtp
rs=k ḥ

Awake, great crocodile,
‘May one kill his second among you!’207
in peace!
May you awake, having rested!


rs Šw ṯmȝ-ʿ
nḏty n ỉt=f
ḥwỉ ẖȝk.w-ỉb.w
m ḥtp
rs=k ḥ

Awake, Shu, valiant of arm,
protector of his father,
who strikes the disaffected ones,
in peace!
May you awake, having rested!


18rs bȝ tkk
dr ḫrwy.f
mnỉw n ỉmy.w-ḫ.t=f
m ḥtp
rs=k ḥ

18 Awake, Raging Ba,
who drives away his rebels,
shepherd of his followers,
in peace!
May you awake, having rested!


rs ʿšȝ ỉrw
šd ḫprw
r-ḏr ỉb=f
m ḥtp
rs=k ḥ

Awake, numerous of forms,
who assumes new manifestations
whenever he pleases,
in peace!
May you awake, having rested!


rs ẖnmw
qdỉ r mr=f
dỉ z nb.w r ʿ=f

Awake, Khnum,
who builds as he desires,
and puts all people in their place.

Esna 262

18ky r’

18 Another recitation.
Words spoken:


wbn zp-snw
nb-ḏr zȝ nb-ḏr
mỉ šzp ȝḫ.ty
m pr=f m Nwn
19ẖnm nṯr.w nṯry.t
m st.wt=f
m rn=f pfy n ẖnmw

All-Lord, son of the All-Lord,
as the luminous eyes shine
as he arises from Nun;
19 gods and goddesses unite (ẖnm)
with his rays,
in this his name of Khnum.


wbn zp-snw
smsw n Rʿ
ỉšš.n Ỉtm
ỉw=f r ṯz ms.w

Eldest of Re,
spit out by Atum,
as he was going to bind births.


wbn zp-snw
zȝ mr=f n Rʿ
wḏb=k ḥr-sȝ=f
r šzp ỉȝw.wt=f

Beloved son of Re,
you shall succeed after him
to receive his offices.


wbn zp-snw
bȝ ʿȝ-štȝ
ʿȝ mr.wt
šnbty ʿȝ
ḏȝỉ=f p.t
m wsḫ=s

Ba, great of mystery,
great of love;
great falcon,
as he sails across heaven
in its breadth.


wbn zp-snw
bȝ ʿȝ-sṯy
ʿȝ šfy.t
20nb nḏmnḏm
ṯz pr.t

Ba, great of procreation,
great of prestige,
20 lord of sexual pleasure,
who binds together seed.


wbn zp-snw
Rʿ m wḥm ms.w
psḏ m ỉȝbt.t n Ỉtm

Re while repeating births,
who shines from the left-eye of Atum.


wbn zp-snw
Rʿ wḥm rnp
ẖrd šps
pr m Nwn
mw.t=f pw ỉh.t wr.t

Re who rejuvenates,
august child
who came forth from Nun:
the great Ihet cow is his mother.


wbn zp-snw
ḫfḫf ʿȝ šps
psḏ m Nwn
sḥḏ tȝ
m ḫʿỉ=f

Great, august ḫfḫf-crocodile,
who shines from Nun,
and illumines the earth
at his appearance.


wbn zp-snw
šy štȝ
bȝ ḫpr ḏs=f
ḫp(r) m ḥȝ.t
wp-wȝ.wt m Nwn

Mysterious šy-crocodile,
Ba who came about by himself,
who came about in the beginning,
who opened paths in Nun.


21wbn zp-snw
Rʿ shḏ tȝ.wy
ỉm šps
pr m Nwn

21 Arise!
Re, who illumines the two lands,
august image,
who rises from Nun.


wbn zp-snw
mȝỉ ḥzȝ-ḥr
hmhm.t=f (ḥr) pẖr ḏw.w
m nḫ(t)=f
ḫ(ȝ)ḫ nmt.wt
smȝ ḫfty.w=f

Lion, fierce of face,
whose roar encircles the mountains
with his strength;
swift footed,
who massacres his enemies.


wbn zp-snw
sr šps
ʿȝ šfw.t
kȝ ḥwỉ kȝ.w
nbỉ.t rqḥ ḫfty.w=f

August ram,
great of prestige;
Bull who strikes down bulls,
flame that consumes his enemies.


wbn zp-snw
kȝ ʿḥȝ
wtṯ ḫprw=f
Šw ṯmȝ-ʿ
qn gb.ty
šʿd bṯn.w=f

Bull of combat,
who begat his own manifestation;
Shu, Valiant of arm,
mighty of shoulders,
who chops up his rebels.


22wbn zp-snw
sṯz ỉb.w
ỉw=k m Ḥr
kȝ ỉȝḫw
nḏty n ỉt=f

22 Arise!
You who elevate hearts,
when you are as Horus,
the luminous bull,
avenger of his father.


wbn zp-snw
ỉwny ḥry nṯr.w
šȝʿ ḫp(r)
nbỉ nṯr.w rmṯ
ʿ.wt nb.w
qmȝ ʿnḫ
n pr ỉm=f

Pillar, chief of the gods,
who began existence;
who fashioned gods, people,
and all livestock;
who creates life
for whomever emerged from him.


wbn zp-snw
Rʿ nb Rʿ.w
nb-ḏr pw
ỉt nṯr.w
ḫp(r) ḫpr.w nb.w
m-ḫt ḫp(r)=f

Re, Lord of Re’s,
that means the All-Lord,
father of gods,
all existence came about
after he came about.


wbn zp-snw
ʿpy šps
ḫp(r) m ḥw.t-ʿȝ.t
ʿȝ ḫʿ.w
wbn ḥtp [m] ḥw.t-[b]n[b]n

August flying-scarab,
who came about in the Great Palace,
great of appearances,
who rises and sets [in] the Hut-[B]en[b]en.


wbn zp-snw
bnw nṯry
23pẖr Pwn.t
ṯȝy.n=f ḥw.t-ʿȝ.t
r mȝȝ ỉt=f

Divine Phoenix,
23 who travels around Punt,
having visited the Great Palace
to see his father.


wbn zp-snw
bỉk šps
ḫnty ỉtr.ty mḥw šmʿ
nṯr ʿȝ
pr m N.t

August falcon,
dappled of plumage,
foremost of the shrines of Egypt,
great god,
who came forth from Neith.

hȝy n=k
wbn rʿ nb
nḫn šps sšm=f
ḥwnw wr
zȝ ȝḫ n ỉt=f

ỉȝw n=k ẖnmw
nb nṯr.w rmṯ
ỉmy ḥr=k nfr
n nsw.t-bỉty
(ȝntnyns nty-ḫwỉ)|
dỉ=k n=f tȝ nb
m ksw n bȝw=f
šfy.t=f r-ʿ
st.wt ỉtn

Hail to thee,
you who arise every day!
August child,
whose image is born;
great youth,
excellent son of his father.

Praise to thee, Khnum!
Lord of gods and people.
Turn your good face
to the King of Upper and Lower Egypt
(Antoninus Augustus)|
Give to him all lands
bent down to his power,
his prestige as far
as the rays of the solar disk.

Esna 263

24dwȝ ẖnmw

ẖnmw-Rʿ nb sḫ.t
Šw zȝ-Rʿ
psḏ=f m ẖ.t
n mw.t=f Nw.t
(r) sḥḏ tȝ

twt ʿȝ-ms.w
qmȝ ḏ.t rn=k
mn(.w) r nḥḥ

ḏȝỉ=k ḥr.t
ẖnm=k nṯr.t
ḫsr.n=k kkw

nṯr.w rmṯ ḥʿʿ.w
m wbn=k
ʿ.wt nb.w m ršrš

24 Hymn (to) Khnum.
Words spoken:

Khnum-Re Lord of the Field,
Shu, son of Re,
as he shines from the belly
of his mother Nut,
(in order to) illumine the earth

You are awake!
You are great of radiance,
‘He who creates Eternity’ is your name,
enduring forever.

As you sail across heaven,
so you join with the divine eye,
so you might shine,
having driven away darkness.

Gods and people rejoice
from your shining;
all animals are in ecstacy.

ntk nb nḥḥ
ỉrỉ ḏ.t
wʿ ỉwty sn=f
m-m nṯr.w

psḏ.t (ḥr) ỉr(.t) n=k ỉȝw
ʿ.wt nb (ḥr) ỉr(.t) n=k 25hn

wn(.w) n=k ʿ.wy
m ȝḫ.t ỉȝbt.t
sḥḏ.n=k bȝ.w ỉmnty.w

ḥtp ḥr=k nfr
n (antnyns nty-ḫwỉ)|
dỉ=k n=f (p)tr nb
n ỉr.ty=k

You are the lord of cyclical eternity,
who made linear eternity.
The unique one, without his peer
among the gods.

The Ennead makes adoration for you,
all animals make hn-praise 25 for you.

The doors are open for you
in the Eastern Horizon,
as you have illumined the Western Bas.

May your goodly face be king
for (Antoninus Augustus)|!
May you give him all sight
of your own two eyes.208

Esna 264

25ky dwȝ ẖnmw

ẖnmw-Rʿ nb sḫ.t
sḥḏ.n Rʿ
zȝ smsw n Ỉtm
pȝwty tpy
ḥqȝ m šȝʿ
ʿȝ šfy.t
ḥqȝ tȝ.wy

ẖnmw qdỉ
šȝʿ ỉḫt nb.w
Ptḥ ỉr ḥmw.w

rmn štȝ.t
twȝ s(y) m ḥḥ
wbn nṯr ỉm=f

nb mʿbȝ qȝ-ʿ
sḫr ḫfty
26m ḫ.t n sḫ.t

25 Another hymn of Khnum.
Words spoken:

Greeting to you,
Khnum-Re Lord of the Field!
He whom Re illumined,
eldest son of Atum,
the First Primeval one,
ruler in the beginning,
great of prestige,
ruler of the Two Lands.

Khnum the Builder,
who began all things;
Ptah who made the handiworkers.

He who supports the mysterious sky,
and who lifts it up as Heh,209
through whom the god rises.

Lord of the Harpoon, Tall of arm,
who fells the enemy
26 with a stick of the field.210

nb ḫbz.wt
ʿȝ wrr.t
ḥqȝ.n=f tȝ.wy
m nḫt=f

wr pḥty
ỉṯ m sḫm=f
bȝ nḫt
ḥwỉ ḫrwy.w=f

sḥḏ m ỉwn-ḥʿʿ
rnp=f r nw=f
ỉʿḥ wp r’.w=sn
ḫʿỉ m bỉȝ
ḥȝy m grḥ

Šw zȝ-Rʿ
ỉr psḏ.t

ḥtp ḥr=k nfr
n nsw.t-bỉty
(ȝntnyns ḫwỉ)|
dỉ=k n=f qn
r-ʿ stw.t=k

Lord of the divine beard,211
great of double crown,
having ruled the two lands
through his victory.

Great of strength,
who seizes through his power,
mighty Ba,
who strikes his opponents.

He who illumines as the moon,
and rejuvenates at his time:
moon who divides their fractions,212
who appears in the firmament,
ahd shines in the night.

Shu, son of Re,
who made the Ennead.

May your face be kind
to the King of Upper and Lower Egypt
(Antoninus Augustus)|
whom you love;
give him victory
to the extent of your solar rays.

Esna 265

ʿq r ʿḥ
ỉn ỉmy-pr


26 Afterwards,
enter into the palace
by the attendant.

Praising God.
Words spoken:

ḫnty wr
ỉmn=f s(w) m [Nw]n
27r sẖrd ḥʿw=f
pr=f m mȝỉ wr
r sbỉ sbỉ.w

šzp.n=f ẖkr.w=f nw (ʿḥȝ)
(ḥr) ḫfʿ ḫ.t n sḫ.t=f
r sḫr ḫfty.w=f

(ḥr) ḥbs ḥr=f
r grgy.w
(ḥr) ỉṯ gs.t
pḏ nmt.wt ḫnt sḫ.t=f
khb dnỉ.t
hmhm.t n mȝwỉ ḥr ḫȝs.t
[ḥr] bṯ ỉmỉ.tw bṯn.w

great ḫnty-crocodile,
who hides himself in [Nu]n,
27 to rejuvenate his body,
coming out as a great lion213
to drive away the rebels.

He donned his (battle) armor,
grasping a stick from his field,
to slay his enemies;

Covering his face
against the fraudulent;
starting to move,
with broad steps within his field;
fierce of shouts,
the battle cry of a lion in the wild,
hurrying among the rebels.

dwn.n=f ʿ.wy=f
ẖr ḥwy=f
(ḥr) ḫbḫb ẖȝk.w-ỉb.w
ḥr ḫȝḫ

(ḥr) šzp mʿbȝ
mds(.w) m ʿȝpp
(ḥr) ȝm dm
28(ḥr) ỉr(.t) ʿḏ.t
m ʿ.wy=f nb

(ḥr) smȝ zmȝy.w=f
(ḥr) bdš bdš.w
m sḫm

(ḥr) ỉr(.t) ḫry.t
m ḫry.w
(ḥr) nkn Nỉk
(ḥr) dkn ḏw-qd
(ḥr) dỉ(.t) tȝ-R’
r ḫb.t=f

He stretched out his arm
bearing his striking stick,
dashing the disaffected ones
in a hurry;

Picking up the 30-spear,
stabbing into Apophis;
(then) grasping a knife
28 making a massacre
in all his body parts;

Making a slaughter
among the enemies;
annihilating Nik,
eliminating Evil of Character,
putting the Hot-Mouth
to his chopping block.

(ḥr) gbgb ky.w
(ḥr) ḫbḫb ḫfty.w
(ḥr) snỉ šnṯy.w=f
m ṯb.ty=f

(ḥr) ỉn(.t) ỉȝ.t=f m ḥʿʿ zp-snw
tỉ-sw ḥr qnỉ=f m qn
rʿ nb

ḥtp-ḥr=k nfr
n (ỉntnyns ḫwỉ)|
wḏ=k n=f nḫt
ḏ.t nḥḥ

Chopping up the opponents,
smashing the enemies,
trampling over the fiends
in (their) entirety
with his sandals.

Reaching his mound in jubilation!
While he is on his throne in victory,

May your good face be kind
to (Antoninus Augustus)|
Decree to him victory
for all eternity!

Esna 266


1mk smȝ
smȝ=ỉ m ḥr=k
ḫfty.w=k ḫr(.w)
[r ḫb.t]
ḫʿỉ=k r=sn
m km n ȝ.t
sḫm nsr.ty=k ỉm=s[n]

1 Behold the sacrificial bull (smȝ) which I slaughter (smȝ) before you.
Your enemies have fallen
[to the chopping block].214
You appear215 against them
in the completion of a moment,
and your fiery uraei consume th[em].

The King

2nsw.t bỉty
nb tȝ.wy
(ȝwtwkrtwr kysrs)|
3zȝ Rʿ
nb ḫʿ.w
(ʿntnyns [nty-ḫwỉ])|

4[nṯr nfr] [q]n [gb]t.y
smȝ ḫfty.w=f
smȝ smȝ […]
grg ỉr.t-Ḥr
ḥr s.t=s
[…] nswy.t
(ỉtryn[s nty]-ḫwỉ)|

2 The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lord of the Two Lands,
(Autokrator Caesar)|
3 Son of Re,
Lord of Appearances,
(Antoninus [Augustus])|

4 [The good god],
[mi]ghty of [shoul]ders,
who slays his enemies,
and slays the bull […]
recapturing the Eye of Horus
in her place


5ḏd-mdw n Mnḥwy
ʿšȝ dm.w m ḥw.t-ḥtp
ḥry-ỉb ḥw.t-bȝ.w
khb nʿš dnỉ.wt
ʿȝ hmhm.t
nḏty n ỉt
7mḥ-ỉb n Rʿ
hrw dmḏ
smȝ.n=f sbỉ.w
m ḫb.t=f
ḫfty.w ḫr(.w)
ẖr dm=f

8ỉỉ r sw=f
wn ʿȝ.wy m s.t-ʿȝ.t
ršw ms.w Rʿ
n mȝȝ=f

9dỉ=ỉ nḫt ʿ.wy=k
r ḥwỉ ḫfty.w[=k]
npḏ=ỉ sbỉ=k
m dm=ỉ

5 Words spoken by Menehwy,
numerous of knives in Hut-Hetep,216
within Temple of the Bas;217
warrior, fierce of shouts,
great of battle cry,
guardian of the father (Khnum),
7 trusted one of Re,
on the day of battle.
He slaughtered the rebels
in his abattoir,
the enemies have fallen
beneath his knife.

8 He who arrives on his day,
and opens the doors in the Great Place,
so the Children of Re rejoice
from seeing him.218

9 I cause your arms to be strong
to strike down [your] enemies;
I stab your rebel
with my knife.

Isis of Asfun

10ḏd-mdw n Ỉs.t-ỉr.t-nfr.t
nb(.t) pr-Mȝnw
šps.t [wsr.t]
11Rnnwt.t nfr.t
ḥnw.t np(ry)
nb(.t) sḫ.t […]
12wȝḥ ỉḫt n sn=s
m-ḫnt ʿbȝ
ḥnʿ nṯr.w […]

10 Words spoken by Isis-ỉr.t-nfr.t,219
Lady of Per-Manu,220
august [and mighty]221
11 Good Renenutet,
mistress of grain,
Lady of the Field […]
12 to lay offerings for her brother,
within Aba,
along with the gods […]

Behind the Divinities

ʿšȝ dm
ḥry-ỉb ḥw.t-ẖnmw

13 King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
numerous of knives
within the Temple of Khnum.

Esna 267


1mn n=k ʿȝb.t
m ỉḫt nb.w nfr
wḏ.n=ỉ n kȝ=k
m wsḫ(.t) nb nfr

1 Receive the great offering
of all good things,
which I granted to your Ka
in all good courtyards.

The King

234[…] n ḥry-nṯr.w

5nṯr nfr
Ḥʿpỉ n Km.t
wḏ nfr.w n ỉdb.w-Ḥr
ḥḥ n kȝ.w
bʿḥ […]
[…] m ȝḫ.w=f
nb ḏfȝ.w
(ỉtryns [nty] ḫwỉ)|

234 […] of Chief of the Gods.

5 The good god,
Hapi of Egypt,
who grants good things from the Banks of Horus
millions of foods,
who floods […]
[…] with his excellent things:
Lord of Provisions,
(Hadrian Augustus)|


[…] 7ḏsr
nṯr nṯry
[…] 8wr
nn rḫ.tw=f
pr m ỉgb
9rwḏ ỉb=f r sʿnḫ

Rʿ pw ḥry nṯr.w
ssȝỉ […]
[… nn] 10qn rnp.t
nḫy nfr n mḥ-ỉb r=f
nn(?) rnp.wt
n 11ỉsfty.w

12dỉ=ỉ n=k pr ỉm=ỉ
rwḏ ḥr-sȝ=ỉ
psḏ […]

6 […]
[…] 7 sacred,
the divine god
[…] 8 great,
without his being known,
who comes forth as the wind […]
9 whose mind is set to keep people alive.

He is Re, Chief of the Gods,
who satiates […]
[…without] 10 a year of famine,
good protector
of whomever trusts in him;
there are no(?) years
for the evil-doers.

12 I give you that which came forth from me,
which grows from my back,
which shines […].

Unknown Goddess

m ḥtp.w ḏfȝ.w
bw-wr mỉ ʿšȝ=sn
nn qn rnp.t m hȝw=k

13 […]
consisting of offerings and food,
great things as they are numerous,
so there is no year of famine in your era.

Behind the Divinities

bȝ […]
ʿȝ ʿȝ.w
nb Ỉwny.t

14 King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Ba […]
greatest of the great,
Lord of Iunyt.

Esna 268

Anṯr nfr
bỉk nṯry
ḥqȝ m srḫ
[sḥ]r sbỉ.w
r Pr-nṯr

khb nḫt
ḥzȝ mds ky.w
m-ḫnt sḫ.t

Mnḥwy ʿšȝ-dm
nb ḥw.t-ḥtp
ḥr-ỉb ḥw.t-bȝ.w
ḥqs tp.w sbỉ(.w)

A The good god,
divine falcon,
ruler on the serekh
[who rep]els rebels
awar from Per-netjer.

The strong warrior,
fierce one, who wounds223 the enemies
within The Field.

Menehwy, numerous of knives,
Lord of Hut-hetep,
within Temple of the Bas,
who decapitates the rebel(s).

Bnṯr nfr
sr ʿȝ wr šps
rdỉ ṯȝw
n bw mr=f

ḏȝỉ p.t tȝ
m hh=f
snsn fnḏ.w nb.w ỉm=f
rwḏ rwḏ.w nb.w m fd.t=f
ʿnḫ.w m mȝwy=f

nb ʿnḫ ḫnt Pr-nṯr

B The good god,
the very great, august ram,
who gives air
to whomever he likes.

Who sails across heaven and earth
with his own breath (as wind),
all noses breath from it,
all plants thrive from his sweat,
and one lives from his rays:

Lord of Life within Per-netjer.

Esna 269

No inscriptions, only decoration.