Column 6 (239-246)

Esna 239

ỉwn ḥr-ỉb ȝḫ.t
nb ḥḥ.w qmȝ ḥfn.w
ỉr ḥp.t=f
m ḥḥ n ḥḥ.w

swḥ n ḫsbḏ
nḥm qnw
sḫp(r) wȝḏwȝḏ
<qmȝ> ỉnm.w

ỉt-ỉt.w(?) n pȝwty tpy
wtṯ nfy nḥp nn
qmȝ nḫb
m ḥr-ỉb Nwnw
ỉr Rʿ m qȝy qȝ

ẖnmw-Rʿ nb tȝ-sn.t
nb sḫ.t
ḥqȝ ʿȝ ḥn.t
ỉty m rȝ-ḥȝ.wt

A The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Iun-pillar within the Akhet,
Lord of millions, who created myriads;
who set his limits
as millions of millions.

Wind of lapis-lazuli;
he who rescues the desert area,80
who produces verdure,
and <creates> colors.

Father of fathers of the First Primeval,81
who begat this, and fashioned that;
he who created the lotus
in the middle of Nun,
and made Re in the high mound:

Khnum-Re Lord of Esna,
Lord of the Field,
Great Chief of the canal,82
Sovereign in the river mouths.

Nw.t bẖ.t n Rʿ
ḥr.t tp n zȝ=s
dgȝ ḥr.w-nb.w

nḏ.t n Ḥr-ȝḫty
šps.t wsr.t
ršw Rʿ n mȝȝ=s

nb(.t) wpy
šȝʿ.tw n=s nhm
nb(.t) tḫ
ʿšȝ ḥb.w
nn wrš ỉhȝy m wbȝw=s
ršw ṯḥḥ m ḥr=s nfr
Nb.t-ww nb(.t) tȝ-sn.t
nb(.t) ỉbȝ

B The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Nut, who gave birth to Re,
the Eye of Re
upon the head of her son,
whom all faces behold.

Protector of Harakhty,
the august and mighty one,
Re rejoices from seeing her;83
Lady of festival,
for whom jubilation was begun,
numerous of festivals:
there is no drought of cheers in her forecourt,
celebration and rejoicing are in her good face:
Nebtu, Lady of Esna,
Lady of the Dance.

Esna 240

Cartouches of Trajan, Khnum, Neith, Menhyt, Nebtu, and Heka. Multiple unique spellings.

Heka’s names are spelled as follows:





Esna 243


1mn n=k sḫ.t ḥtp.t(w)
pr.t n=k
sḫ.t ḏsr.t(w)
ȝw-2ỉb=k m sḫ.t wȝḏ.t
ḥrr.w n dwȝ
zbty.w 3m wšr
ỉry r-ȝw
r sṯḥn ḥr=k
m tr wp tȝš

1 Receive the fruitful field,
may you have seeds;
the sacred field,
may you be 2 happy in the green field:
the flowers of the morning,
blossoms 3 in the evening,
likewise in their entirety,
to make your face shine
at the time of dividing boundaries.

The King

nb tȝ.wy
(ȝwtwkrdwr kysrs)|
5zȝ Rʿ
nb ḫʿ.w
(dryns nty-ḫwỉ)|

6ỉb qn
wȝḏ šȝ.w
7ỉʿb ḥtp.w
n nb sḫ.t

8[nṯr] nfr
snn n Ḥʿpỉ
ḥry-srḫ n Ỉrỉ-tȝ
nb ḥtp.w
srwḏ ȝḫȝḫ.w
[…].tw m šny.w-tȝ=s
ḥnk sšn.w ỉs.w=s
sṯỉ šȝ.w
n nbw ḥr ḏʿ.wt=f
ṯḥn ḥr n […]
([dryn]s nty-ḫwỉ)|

4 The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lord of the Two Lands,
(Autokrator Caesar)|
5 Son of Re,
Lord of Appearances,
(Trajan Augustus)|

6 Mighty gardener,
who makes vineyards green,
7 who gathers offerings
for the Lord of the Field (Khnum).

8 The good [god],
replica of Hapi,
upon the serekh of Irita,
lord of plant offerings,
who makes foliage grow,
[…] with its plants,
who offers lotuses and its reeds,
the fragrance of the vineyards,
and bouquets
of gold in its ore,84
making the face of […] shine
([Trajan] Augustus)|

Khnum-Re Lord of Esna

9ḏd-mdw n ẖnmw-Rʿ nb tȝ-sn.t
nsw.t nṯr.w
nṯr ʿȝ
ḫnty ḥw.t-ỉt(?)
10qdỉ qdỉ.w
wtṯ nṯr.w
nb (tȝ)-sn.t
11ḫntỉ pr-ʿnḫ
kȝ.tw 7 ẖnm.w
m rn=f
Ptḥ m ỉrw=f
nb nḥp
m 12sšm=f
nb sḫ.t
m ḫrpw=f mȝʿ

13dỉ=ỉ n=k ww
m šnw n ỉtn
ḥsp(.t) ȝḫȝḫ(.w) m wȝḏwȝḏ

9 Words spoken by Khnum-Re Lord of Esna,85
King of the Gods,
Great god,
foremost of Temple of the Father(?),86
10 Builder of builders,
who begat the gods;
Lord of Iunyt(?),87
11 foremost of Per-ankh,
he is called the Seven Khnums
by name;
Ptah in his visible form;
Lord of the Potter’s wheel
in 12 his sacred image;
Lord of the field
in his true manifestation.

I give you the agricultural domain
as the circuit of the sundisk,
and gardens radiant with verdure.


14[ḏd-mdw n Mnḥ]y.t wr.t
nb(.t) ḫn.t-tȝ
nṯr[.t] ḥȝy.t Ḥ[ʿpỉ]

14 [Words spoken by] great [Menh]yt,
Lady of Khent-ta,
godde[ss] who makes H[api] flood

Esna 244


1[…] wn […]

1 […]

The King

nb tȝ.wy
(ȝwtwkrdwr kysrs)|
3zȝ Rʿ
nb ḫʿ.w
(dryns nty-ḫwỉ)|

4nsw.t n nbw

5nṯr nfr
snw n sbȝ-n-nỉw.t
ỉwn-ḥʿʿ n tȝ.wy sṯỉ
wdpw nn wš=f
ḥr ḏs[r?….]
tfn nṯry
šw m snb
ỉr ḫʿỉ(?)
m nb(.t) wpy
mzỉ tḫ
n ʿšȝ(?) ḥb.w
nb ḥʿʿ
(dr[yn]s nty-ḫwỉ)|

2 The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lord of the Two Lands,
(Autokrator Caesar)|
3 Son of Re,
Lord of Appearances,
(Trajan Augustus)|

4 King of the Golden one

5 The good god,
second of the Star of the City,88
moon of the Asiatic lands,
butler, who never fails,
while conse[crating?…]
joyful of heart,
free from illness.
He who makes processions
for the Lady of wpy-festival,
who offers inebriation
for the One numerous of festivals:
Lord of jubilation,
(Tra[jan] Augustus)|


6ḏd-mdw n [Nb.t-ww]
nb(.t) tȝ-sn.t
nṯr.t ʿȝ.t
ḫnt(.t) pr-nṯr
Tm.t […]
7sk=s mḥ
ḥ ỉrp
n kȝ=s

9 Words spoken by Nebtu,
Lady of Esna,
great goddess,
foremost of Per-netjer,
Temet […]
7 she banishes all cares,
and one offers wine
to her Ka.89


8ḏd-mdw n Ḥkȝ pȝ ẖrd
ʿȝ wr tpy n ẖnmw
kȝ n Rʿ
wḥm.n=f [ms.w]
[ỉry-pȝ.t] 9nṯr.w
ỉty wr
nsw.t n Bȝq.t
ḥqȝ n šnw n [ỉtn]

8 Words spoken by Heka the Child,
the very great, first-born of Khnum,
Ka of Re
when he repeated [births],
[nobleman] 9 of the gods,90
great sovereign,
nsw.t-King of Egypt,
ruler of the circuit of the [sundisk].

Esna 245

Anṯr nfr
nb sḫ.t wȝḏ.t
ḥqȝ ḥn.t
ỉty ʿȝ [ḫnt] rȝ-[ḥȝ.wt]

nsw.t nsty.w
bỉty wȝḏ.w
nb nfr n ỉz.ty
nb wȝḏ-wr
nṯr m n[…]

A The good god,
Lord of the Green Field,91
Ruler of the Lake,
great sovereign [within] the [river] mouths.

nsw-King of the nsty-plants,92
bỉty-King of the papyrus plants,
good Lord of the two lands.

Lord of the Great Green
god in […]

Bnṯr nfr
sḫ.t wr.t mr.t ẖnmw
nb(.t) ḫnt-tȝ
ḥnw.t Pr-nṯr

nb(.t) swnw
ḥnw.t ḥḤm
ḥqȝ(.t) ḥw.t-ỉḥw
ỉ n=s dsds
m […]

B The good god,
the Great Field, beloved of Khnum,
Lady of Khent-ta,
Mistress of Per-netjer.

Lady of Pelusium,93
Mistress of Ḥȝm,
Ruler of ḥw.t-ỉḥw,
for whom Bahariya was made
as […]

Esna 246

Minor inscriptions. Cartouche of Trajan, name of Heka.