South Anta (49-54)

Esna 49

  • Location: South Anta, Top Panel
  • Date: Claudius
  • Hieroglyphic Text
  • Bibliography: None


1wpš bzn m [ḥw.t-nṯr?]
swȝb nỉw.t
n nb ʿbw

1 Sprinkling plaster7 on [the temple],8
purifying the city9
of the Lord of Purity.

The King

nb tȝ.wy
(tbrys gr[ds] ksrs nty-ḫwỉ)
3zȝ Rʿ nb ḫʿ.w
(krmnyqs ȝwdgrtwr)

4ỉwʿʿ n Gbb
s[wʿb] pr n ỉt=f

2 The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lord of the Two Lands,
(Tiberius Clau[dius] Caesar Augustus)
2 Son of Re, Lord of Appearances,
(Germanicus Autokrator)

4 Heir of Geb,10:
who p[urifies] the temple for his father.

Khnum-Re Lord of Esna

5ḏd-mdw ỉn
ẖnmw-Rʿ nb tȝ-sn.t
nb ʿbw
mr.n=f 6twr
šȝʿ.tw 7wʿb n kȝ=f

8dỉ=ỉ n=k ndm n kȝ=k

9dỉ=ỉ n=k pr=k ẖr ʿbw
mḥ(.w) m ỉḫt nb nfr

5 Words spoken by
Khnum-Re Lord of Esna,
Lord of purification,
who loved 6 cleanliness,
purity 7 was first created for his Ka.

8 I give to you the throne,
made clean for your Ka.

9 I give to you your house,
enduring in purity,
and filled with all good things.


10ḏd-mdw ỉn
Mnḥy.t wr.t nb.t ḫnt-tȝ
sḫm.t 11ʿȝ.t
mr.t Ptḥ
mḥ(.t) ʿḥ [m nfrw=s]
12mỉ p.t ẖr ỉtn.wy

13dỉ=ỉ n=k mn[qb?]
swʿb(.w) n kȝ=k
ʿrq(.w) m kȝ.t nb(.t)

10 Words spoken by
Menhyt the great, Lady of Khent-ta,
Sekhmet 11 the great,
beloved of Ptah,
who fills the palace [with her beauty]11,
12 just like the sky with the two disks.

13 I give to you the pal[ace?]12
purified for your Ka,
completed in all works.

Esna 50

The King

1nsw.t bỉty
nb tȝ.wy
(tbrys krwtỉ[s nty]-ḫwỉ)|
2zȝ-Rʿ nb ḫʿ.w
(krmnyqs ȝwdgrtwr)|

3ḥʿpỉ n Km.t
Rnn.t n tȝ.wy

4mn n=k qbḥw
pr.w m ṯpḥ.t
ḫpr(.w) m-m tȝ m Iwnw

ʿnḫ=k ỉm=sn
wȝš=k ỉm=sn
ỉw=w wʿb.w

ʿnḫ psḏ.t ʿȝ.t ỉm=sn
m ḥw.t-sr wr m Iwnw
st[…] ỉm=sn

1 The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lord of the Two Lands,
(Tiberius [Cl]audi[us] Augustus)|
2 Son of Re, Lord of Appearances,
(Germanicus Autokrator)|

3 Hapi of Egypt,
Renenutet of the Two Lands.13

4 Receive the cool waters,
which come forth from the grotto,
and came about in the ground in Heliopolis.14

May you live from them,
may you be strong from them,
since they are pure!

May the great Ennead live from them,
in the great Temple of the Prince in Heliopolis
[…] from them.

Khnum-Re Lord of the Field

5ḏd-mdw ỉn ẖnmw-Rʿ nb sḫ.t
ḫpr ḫnt
Nwn wr
wtṯ ỉḫt nbw
6ỉwn sḫpr ḫpr.w

7ḏỉ=ỉ wḥm=k rnp
mỉ wḥm-ʿnḫ
mȝwy zp-snw

8ḏỉ=ỉ bs n=k ỉṯ-kȝ
r nw=f
mḥ=f pr=k *
m ỉḫt nb

5 Words spoken by Khnum-Re Lord of the Field,
who came about before,
Great Nun,
who begat all things,
6 Pillar who created forms.

7 I allow you to repeat (wḥm) rejuvenation,
like the wḥm-ʿnḫ flood,
renewed, renewed!

8 I cause the ỉṯ-kȝ flood to surge for you
at its time,
so it might fill your temple with all good things.


9ḏd-mdw ỉn Nb.t-ww
nb.t tȝ-sn.t
ỉr.t-Rʿ nb.t p.t
ḥnw.t [nṯr.w] nb

10Rnn.t nfr.t
šd.t ỉḫt nb
11bȝst.t ʿȝ-rqḥ
Wȝḏ.t wȝd ʿnḫ
m tȝ-ḥr-ȝw=f

12ḏỉ=ỉ n=k ḥʿpỉ wr
ḥr sỉwr n=k ȝḫ.t
r dmḏy.t=s

9 Words spoken by Nebtu,
Lady of Esna,
Eye of Re, Lady of Heaven,
Mistress of all the [gods].

10 Good Renenutet,
who nurtures all things,
Bastet15, 11 great of heat,
Wadjet, who spreads life
throughout the whole land.

12 I give you a great Inundation,
making the Field pregnant for you
at its time.

Behind Khnum and Nebtu

13šzp.n=n qbḥw=k
s[…] m mw ʿnḫ […]

[ḏỉ]=n n=k ḫȝs.wt nb
dmḏ(.w) ẖr ṯb.ty=k
ỉw=k ḫʿ.tw ḥr s.t-ḥr

13 We receive your cool water,
[…] in living water […]

We [give] you all foreign lands,
united beneath your sandals,
as you appear upon the Throne of Horus.

Esna 51

  • Location: South Anta, Middle
  • Date: Claudius
  • Hieroglyphic Text
  • Bibliography: None
  • Parallels: Similar scene with some identical phrases in Esna VI, 496.
  • Photograph

The King

1nsw.t bỉty
nb tȝ.wy
(tbrys grwtys nty-ḫwỉ)|
2zȝ-Rʿ nb ḫʿ.w
(krmnyqs ȝwdgrtwr)|

3snn n Rʿ
mswt n Itm

4šzp.n(=ỉ) n(=ỉ)
ʿḥʿ m-ʿ wp-tr.w
rnp.wt m-ʿ ỉr-ȝbd

sd=ỉ ḥb.w-sd.w
ẖnm.n=ỉ Rʿ(?)
m ỉrw=f n ḏ.t
ȝbḫ.n=ỉ ỉm=f

wȝḏ.n=ỉ ʿnḫ=ỉ
snb ḥȝw=ỉ
ỉwf=ỉ tm(.w) m ʿnḫ
ỉw=ỉ m ỉwʿʿ=k
ḥr ns.t=f
ḥr ỉr(.t) mr=k

1 The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lord of the Two Lands,
(Tiberius Claudius Augustus)|
2 Son of Re, Lord of Appearances,
(Germanicus Autokrator)|

3 Likeness of Re,
Image of Atum.

4 I have received
a lifetime from He who divides seasons,
and years from He who determines the month.

I celebrate Sed-festivals,
having united with (Re)?,16
in his form of linear eternity,
and I mixed with him.

I have flourished, I live,
my body is healthy,
my flesh complete in life.
I am your heir,
upon your throne,
doing what you prefer.

Khnum-Re upon his Great Throne

5ḏd-mdw ỉn ẖnmw-Rʿ
ḥry s.t=f wr.t ḥr-ỉb Iwny.t

ḥry nḥp m 6šȝʿ
ỉt nṯr.w nb
ʿnḫ […] ṯnỉ ỉwʿʿ=f
ḥr-tp 7msḫn.t=f
swḏȝ zȝ qmȝ.n=f

8ḏỉ=ỉ n=k rnp.wt n Rʿ
ȝbd.w n ỉʿḥ
nỉ ỉw.n rnp.wt=f
nỉ ʿq.n 9ȝbd.w=k
hrw.w[=k] wḥm=sn šn

šzp=k ḥḥ.w n ḥb.w-sd
grb n tȝ 10[…]
p.t tȝ mw.w ḏw.w
bw nb wbn Rʿ ḥr=sn
ḥp.ty šzp(?)=sn

12 nḫb=ỉ n=k ḥb.w-sd.w
ʿšȝ.w wr.w
spẖr=ỉ nswy.t ḥr rn=k

5 Words spoken by Khnum-Re
upon his Great Throne within Iunyt.

Chief of the potter’s wheel 6 in the start,
father of all the gods,
Life […] who distinguishes his heir
upon 7 his birth-brick,
who makes prosper the son he created.

8 I give to you the years of Re,
the months of the moon,
your years shall not come,
your months 9 shall not run out,
and [your] days will repeat their cycles.

May you receive millions of Sed-festivals
from me,
the inheritance of the earth 10 […]
heaven, earth, waters, mountains:
all places over which Re shines,
the limits, they receive(?)
11 […] you.

12 I decree for you Sed-festivals,
being greatly numerous,
I inscribe kingships in your name.

Heka the Child

13ḏd-mdw ỉn ḥkȝ pȝ ẖrd
ʿȝ wr tpy n ẖnmw
ḥwnw 14nfr bnr-mrw.t
wḥm ms.w m tr r tr

15ḏỉ=ỉ n=k nswy.t ʿȝ.t ẖr ršw
ḥwnw=ỉ ḏ.t=k m tp-rnp.t

16ḏỉ=ỉ n=k ḥḥ.w m ʿnḫ-ḏd-wȝs
nsw=k tȝ.wy
mỉ Rʿ ḏ.t nḥḥ

13 Words spoken by Heka the Child,
the very great, first-born of Khnum,
the good 14 youth, sweet of love,
who repeats births from season to season.

15 I give you a great kingship filled with joy,17
I rejuvenate your body every year.

16 I give you millions of ʿnḫ-ḏd-wȝs
so you might rule the two lands
like Re, for all eternity.

Behind the Gods

17mn n=k [ḥb-sd]
nswy.t n Rʿ
ỉȝw.t n Itm
ḥqȝ n šw
ỉmỉ.t-pr n (Wn-nfr mȝʿ-ḫrw)|
wȝḏ.ty n ḥr-zȝ-Is.t

hȝw=k hȝw n p.t
ḥr zḫn.w=s

17 Receive the [Sed-festival],18 the kingship of Re,
the office of Atum,
the rulership of Shu,
the inheritance of (Wennefer, justified)|,
the two uraei of Harsiese.

Your epoch is the epoch of heaven
upon its supports,
the year[s? …]

Esna 52

The King

1nsw.t bỉty
nb tȝ.wy
([… nty]-ḫwỉ)|
2zȝ-Rʿ nb ḫʿ.w

3[ḫʿỉ] m ḥȝy.t=f
nt ʿnḫ-wḏȝ-snb
spr r ỉwny.t
r mȝȝ ỉt=f

1 The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lord of the Two Lands,
([… Augus]tus)|
2 Son of Re, Lord of Appearances,
([… Autokra]tor)|

3 [Appearing] from his palace
of life, prosperity, health,
reaching Iunyt,
to see his father,
the Father in the Beginning.

In front of the King

4nṯr nfr
snn n ẖnmw
n sḫt-šzp=f
wbn n 5 nḥḥ
psḏ m ḏ.t=f
wȝḥ-qd=f m wḫȝ
wdỉ 6 st.wt
wbn m hrw

ʿšȝ mȝwy mỉ ȝḫty
ḫʿỉ 6ḥr tȝ mỉ Rʿ
wbn m p.t
sḥḏ tȝ m wḏȝ.ty=f
pʿy.t ḥr dwȝ=f
8rḫy.t ḥr swȝš=f
ʿnḫ=sn n mȝȝ[=f]

wbn m ʿḥ=f
9nt ʿnḫ-ḏd-wȝs
ʿq ḥw.t-nṯr
nt ḫntỉ-nb-ʿnḫ

sw mỉ ỉtn
wbn m 10nhp
ỉwn-ḥʿʿ dỉ=f s(w)
m […]

The good god,
replica of Khnum,
living image
of He who Weaves his Light,
who rises for 5 eternity,
who shines in the morning,
who increases his form at night,19
who shoots out 6 rays,
who shines in the day.

Plentiful of light like Akhty,
who appears 7 on earth like Re,
who shines in the sky,
who illumines the earth with his eyes.
The pʿ.t-people praise him,
the rekhyt worship him,
they all live from seeing [him],

He who shines from his palace,
of life, stability, and dominion,
and enters the temple
of Foremost of Neb-ankh.

He is like the sundisk,
who shines at 10 dawn;20
(like) the moon, who appears
in […]

bqnqn.w 11ḥr ḏsr n=f wȝ.wt
šzp=f tp-wȝ.t nfr.t
r ḥw.t-ṯȝ.wy
[…] ẖnw n 12n nb=s
nb nṯr.w rmṯ
ḥʿʿ.wy n mȝȝ=f

ḏd n=f ỉt=f šps
ỉỉ.tw r s.t-wr.t
13qdỉ.n=f pr=i
swʿb.n=k ḥw.t-nṯr(=i)
wʿ nn sȝ.t

The protector gods 11 clear the roads for him,
as he makes a good start
towards the Temple of the Chicks,
[…] the Residence of 12 its lord,
Lord of gods and people:
How joyful to see him!

His august father says to him:
’Welcome to the great place!
13 As you built my domain,
so you purified (my) temple,
being cleansed, without impurity.

Above the Palace


13a The palace.


ʿbw pr-wr
15ỉr ʿbw nsw.t
m ẖms.w šmʿ
nṯrỉ ḥm=f m mnwr
16ỉr snṯr
ẖr-ḥȝ.t nsw.t

14 Iunmutef,
who purifies the Per-wer,
15 who purifies the king
with Upper Egyptian grains,
who divinizes his majesty
with mnwr-incense,
16 who performs incense
before the king.

Gods on the Standards

17bqnqn.w dmḏ.w
m nh.t ḥȝ=f
bqnqn.w ḥr mȝʿ n=f mṯn=f
ḥr ỉr nh.t=f
qmȝty.w(?) ḥr ỉr(.t) mk.t=f

18dy dy
m ʿr r mṯn=f
ḥȝ=tn r=tn
ḏȝ.t nb
19m ḏȝ wȝ.t r (pr-ʿȝ)|

17 The protector gods are united
in protection around him,
the protector gods show him his path,
those upon their standards
are performing his protection,
the divine statues(?)21 guard over him.

‘(Stay) here, here!
Do not approach his path!
Turn back, the lot of you,
all evil-doers!
Do not block the path from Pharaoh!’

Wepwaet of Upper Egypt

20Wp-wȝ.wt šmʿ
ḥr wp n=f wȝ.wt
sḫm tȝ.wy
ḥr wbȝ n=f […]
r ẖnm.n=f nb tȝ-sn.t

20 Wepwawet of Upper Egypt
is opening the ways for him,
the Power of the Two Lands,
is opening for him […]
so he might see the Lord of Esna.22

Double Plume Crown

21wr-sḫm.w ḥr ḏsr […]
[…] sšš.t=f
r mȝȝ=f nb-nḥp

21 Great of Images is sanctifying […]
[…] his path,
so he can see the Lord of the Potter’s Wheel.

The Divine Falcon

22sỉȝ nṯry ḥr ḫw.t=f
zȝb-šw.ty ḥr ỉr(.t) zȝ=f
r wṯz-nfrw n ẖnmw
m-ẖnw pr=f

The Divine Falcon guards him,
Dapple of Plumages performs his protection,
to carry the perfection of Khnum
within his domain.

Khonsu Emblem

23[ty.t] štȝ.t ḥr ỉr(.t) mk.t=f
ḥwn.t wr.t ḥr ỉr(.t) zȝ=f
r snỉ-tȝ n nb-nṯr.w

23 The Mysterious [Image]23 guards him,
the great young woman makes his protection,
to kiss the earth for the Lord of Gods.

The Ibis

24tḫn šps ḥr ḫw(.t) ḏ.t=f
ỉb-n-Rʿ ỉnḥ m-dbn=f
r mȝȝ=f [ỉt]=f
(m) pr=f

24 The August Ibis24 guards his body,
the Heart of Re encircles him,
so he might see his [father]
(in) his domain.

The Bow

25ỉwn.t wr.t ḥr dr ḫfty.w=f
pḏ.t n Rʿ ḥr bḥn sbỉ.w=f
r ḫf=f ỉt(?)=f

The great bow is repelling his enemies,
the bow of Re cuts down his rebels,
so he might behold his father(?).

The Ram

26bȝ n šw ḥr swḏȝ ḥʿw=f
ḥr ỉr(.t) zȝ=f rʿ-nb
r mȝȝ=f ḫnty-nb-ʿnḫ

26 The Ba of Shu25 preserves his body,
carrying out his protection daily,
so he might see Foremost of Neb-ankh.

Esna 53

[…] ḥr […]=f
tȝ-[sn].t pw
tỉs=f ḏ.t=f ỉm=f
smn=f snṯ nb
m ḥry-wḏḥw

s[.t nt nḥỉ] ms.w m-ḫnt=s
ṯnỉ šȝy [ḥr msḫn.t…]

[…twt] mȝȝ sw r (dỉ)-mr.t
ẖr Rʿ […]
ʿ ỉm=s ḥr sḥḏ tȝ.wy

[…] on […] it,
it is E[sn]a,
in which he reposes his body,
and sets up every foundation
as Chief of the Altar.

The pla[ce of beseech]ing children is within it,
and distinguishing fate [upon the birthbrick…]

[…] it is more perfect to see than the sky
bearing Re,
the moon within it lighting up the two lands.

Esna 54

The King

(ỉwtwgrtwr tỉtỉs ksrs)|
(wsp(s)ỉnỉs ḫwỉ)|

3 […] *
[…(ỉwtwg]rtwr tỉtỉs gysrs)|
ỉỉ.n=ỉ ḫr=k
ẖnmw-Rʿ nb tȝ-sn.t

ỉn=ỉ n=k ỉḫt nb
pr m ḥʿpỉ
wȝḏwȝḏ 4sm.w

m sḫ.t nfr.t
ȝpd.w qn.w
sr.w ʿšȝ.w šbn(.w)

thm=ỉ nfr.w
m qbḥw

ntk nb nṯr.w rmṯ
sḫpr wnn.t
nb ḥḥ.w ʿšȝ ḥfn.w

1 The King of Upper and Lower Egypt
(Autokrator Titus Caesar)|
2 Son of Re
(Vespa(s)ian Augustus)|

3 […]
[…(Autok]rator Titus Caesar)|
I have come before you,
Khnum-Re Lord of Esna.26

I bring to you all good things
which come forth from Hapi,
verdure, 4 plants.

I tour the marshes
in the Good Field:27
many birds,
numerous mixed geese.

I round up28 the goodness
of the First Cataract region (Qebehu).

You are the lord of gods and people,
who created what exists,
lord of millions, numerous of myriads.

First Hapi

5ḥʿpỉ šmʿ
6bʿḥ.tw ẖr nfrw=f

ỉỉ.n zȝ-Rʿ
(wsp(s)ỉnỉs nty-ḫwỉ)|
ẖnmw-Rʿ nb tȝ-sn.t

ỉn=f n=k ḥʿpỉ rnp
pr m qrr.ty
m wdn(?) […]
8Nwn wr nn=f r tr=f
ȝm tȝ.wy nb
m rḏw=f

ntk ʿḥʿ ḥr rd.wy=f
nb nmt.t n tȝ-sṯỉ
ḥr sṯỉ Nwn
r [wḥ]m ẖr.t
n tȝ-r-ḏr=f

5 Hapi of Upper Egypt,
6 flooded bearing his goodness.

7 Recitation:
The Son of Re,
(Vespa(s)ian Augustus)|
has come before you,
Khnum-Re Lord of Esna.29

He brings to you a rejuvenated Hapi,
who comes forth from the caverns
as a heavy(?) […]
8 Great Nun who settles at his time,
who swallows the two lands
with his efflux.

You are He who stands on his legs,
Lord of steps in Ta-Seti,
spitting out Nun
in order to [re]new food shares
for the entire land.

Second Hapi

9mw n rnp
10mḥ.n=f ȝḫ.wt

ỉỉ[.n] nsw.t-bỉty
([ỉwt]wgrtwr tỉtỉs ksrs)|
ẖnmw-Rʿ nb tȝ-sn.t

ỉn=f n=k mw n rnp
pr m Qbḥw
ỉỉ r nw[=f]
12ḥtp.w ḏfȝ.w
ḥr mzỉ=w n kȝ=k rʿ-nb

ntk bȝ msw.t n Itm
nb nty
sʿnḫ wnn.t

9 Rejuvenated Water,
10 it filled the fields.

11 Words spoken:
The King of Upper and Lower Egypt
([Auto]krator Titus Caesar)|
[has] come before you,
Khnum-Re Lord of Esna.

He brings to you the rejuvenated water,
which comes forth from the First Cataract,
which arrives at [its] time,
12 offerings and provisions
follow after him,
presenting them to your Ka, daily.

You are the Ba, image of Atum,30
lord of what is,
who enlivens what exists.

Third Hapi

13pȝ ʿḏ
ʿpr.n=f 14ỉp.wt=k
sḥb=f wḏḥ(=k)

ỉỉ.n zȝ-Rʿ
(wspsỉnỉs nty-ḫwỉ)|
ẖnmw-Rʿ nb tȝ[-sn.t]

ỉn=f n=k pȝ ʿḏ n tȝ-sn.t
gs-pḫȝ 16m ỉry=f
spt.y=f nb
m ḫt-n-ʿnḫ
ṯḥ m šȝ.w nb

ntk ẖnmw [nb] ww
ṯȝw n ʿnḫ n nṯr.w rmṯ
nfrw=k snfr tpy.w-tȝ

The ʿḏ-region,
he equipped your ỉp.t-fields,
so he might decorate (your) altar.31

15 Words spoken:
The Son of Re
(Vespasian Augustus)|
has come before you,
Khnum-Re Lord of E[sna].

He brings to you the ʿḏ-region of Esna,
breads 16 are in front of him,
all his lips(?)
are ‘wood-of-life’,
sparkling from all the marshes.

You are Khnum, [Lord] of the Field (ww),
breath of life for gods and people,
your goodness improves those on earth.