North Anta (71-76)

Esna 71


1rḏỉ(.t) pr n nb(.t)=f

nfr.wy pr pn
nỉ wn mỉt.t=f

1 Giving the temple to its lady.
Words spoken:

How good is this temple!
Its peer does not exist.

The King

(ȝwtkrtwr tỉtỉs ksrs)
3zȝ-Rʿ nb-ḫʿ.w
(wspsyns nty-ḫwỉ)
3ʿšȝ mšʿ
nb mnfy.t

2 The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lord of the Two Lands,
(Autokrator Titus Caesar)
3 Son of Re, Lord of Appearances,
(Vespasian Augustus)
4 Great of armies,
lord of infantries.


5ḏd-mdw ỉn N.t wr.t
mw.t-nṯr nb.t tȝ-sn.t
tȝ-ṯnn pw
ḫpr m ḥȝ.t
ḏ.t ỉr nn 7r-ȝw
Nwn N.t ỉpw

tmȝ.t ḥr.t-tp
ḫpr ḏr 8pȝwty
mḥ p.t tȝ m nfrw=s

9ḏỉ=ỉ n=k tȝ-mrỉ
r-ȝw=s m ʿq

5 Words spoken by Neith the great,
Mother of God, Lady of Esna,
Father of fathers,
6 Mother of mothers,
that means Tatenen (TN)129
who came about in the beginning,
the primeval cobra130 who made 7 everything.
That means:131 both Nun and the N.t-waters.132

The chief mother,
who has existed since &8^ the Primeval one,
who fills heaven and earth with her perfection.

9 I give to you the Beloved Land (Egypt)
in its entirety in celebration.


10ḏd-mdw ỉn Is.t wr.t
mw.t-nṯr ḥr.t-ỉb ḥw.t-bȝ.w
Nb.t-ww pw ḫnt 11ww

ḥȝp sn=s Wsỉr
m-ḫnt ʿbȝ=f
dwȝ.t 12štȝ.t pw
r ʿḫm.w=f
wnn=f m-ẖnw=s

13ḏỉ=ỉ n=k ḏry.t=k ẖr nfrw=k
mỉ ȝḫ.t
ẖr ỉtn.wy

10 Words spoke by Isis the great,
mother of god within Temple of the Bas,
that means Nebtu, foremost 11 of the field.

She who conceals her brother
within his tomb,
that is the secret 12 Duat
[bear]ing his cult images,
in which he is.

13 I give to you your chapel
enduring with your perfection,
like the luminous sky enduring
with the two disks.

Behind the Goddesses

14šzp.n=n s.t=k
wʿb ỉry.w=f [nb]
m wʿb wʿb=f

ʿq.n=k ḥw.t-nṯr
ḥtp ỉb=ỉ
ḥr rȝ-ʿ.wy=k

srwḏ=ỉ nt-ʿ=k
ḥr s.t-ḥr
wḥm.n=k ḥḥ n ḥb.w-[sd]
mỉ Rʿ d.t

14 We have received your place
[all] of its parts being purified
by a wʿb-priest who is purified.

As you have entered your temple,
my heart is pleased
because of your work.

I support all your business
upon the throne of Horus,
having repeated millions of [Sed] festivals,
like Re, eternally.

Esna 72


1mn n=ṯ ỉḫt
fȝỉ=ỉ n 2kȝ=t
ḥnk(=i) sn m ḫft-ḥr=ṯ
3šzp=t ỉm=sn
ỉw=w wʿb.w

1 Take these offering,
which I [li]ft to 2 your Ka,
which (I) offer [in] your forecourt.
3 Eat from them,
they being pure.

The King

(ȝwtwkrtwr kysrs)|
5zȝ-Rʿ nb-ḫʿ.w
(twmtyns nty-ḫwỉ)|

6ỉry-ȝbd n nṯr.w nṯry.w
(wʿb?) ʿ.wy

7mn n=t ỉḫt
fȝỉ=ỉ m bȝḥ=t
bȝk tȝ-mrỉ r-ȝw=s
ẖr ỉḫt=sn n kȝ=t
ỉnw=sn n=t
m ȝḫ.w nb.w
nw šmʿ-mḥw
r bȝḥ tȝ-sn.t m nfrw

4 The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lord of the Two Lands,
(Autokrator Caesar)|
5 Son of Re, Lord of Appearancs,
(Domitian Augustus)|

6 Monthly priest of gods and goddesses,
(pure?) of hands.

7 Take these offerings,
which I lift up before you!
All of Egypt has worked,
bearing their offerings for your Ka,
their tribute for you
is all excellent things
from Upper and Lower Egypt,
to flood Esna with goodness.


10ḏd-mdw n Mnḥy.t wr.t
nb.t ḫnt-tȝ
sḫm.t sḫm m ḫfty=s
ḥr.t-tp ḫpr m-ḥȝ.t
ȝḫ.t bẖ rnp.w
ṯz ẖ.t n […]

11ḏỉ=ỉ n=k ỉḫt nb nfr
kȝ.w ḏfȝ.w
ḫpr nb r ẖr.t=k

10 Words spoken by Menhyt the great,
Lady of Khent-ta,
Sakhmet, who takes control of her enemy,
uraeus, who came about in the beginning,
Excellent one, who births plants,
who binds the body of […]

11 I give to you all good things,
food, provision,
all come about for your share of food.


12ḏd mdw n ḥkȝ wr-ḥkȝw
zȝ sḫm.t
ʿȝ wr tpy n ẖnmw
13zȝ wr
ḏfḏ n wḏȝ.t
ỉḥy nb pr-Gbb
14ỉry-pʿ.t nṯr.w
sḫm m pʿ.t
15ḫʿỉ m sḫm.ty
ḥr s.t ỉt=f m Iwny.t

16ḏỉ=ỉ n=k wȝḏ.ty m bȝḥ=k
rtḥ.n=k sbỉ m rk=k

12 Words spoken by Heka, Great of Magic,
son of Sakhmet,
the very great, first-born of Khnum,
13 great son,
iris of the wedjat-eye,
Ihy, lord of the House of Geb,
14ỉry-pʿ.t of the gods,
who controls the pʿ.t-people,
pleasant of face,
15 who appears with the double crown
upon the throne of his father in Iunyt.

16 I give you the two papyrus scepters,
established before you,
since you subdued the rebel in your time.

Behind the Divinities

17šzp.n=ỉ t=k
snm(?)=ỉ m ỉḫt=k
ʿnḫ=ỉ m gs-pḫȝ=k
šms-ỉb=ỉ m wnḏ.w nb.w
nw ḥtp.w-nṯr

hỉms=ỉ n=k ỉdb.w-[ḥr]
ḥr mzỉ n=k ỉnw=sn
sṯty.w ḥr ỉn.t bỉȝ.wt=sn

17 I have received your bread,
I feed(?)133 upon your offerings,
I live from your loaves,
I enjoy myself with all foods
from the divine offerings.

I make the Lands of [Horus] come to you
bringing to you their tribute,
and the Asiatics bringing their marvels.

Esna 73

The King

(ȝwtwkrtwr kysrs)|
2zȝ-Rʿ nb-ḫʿ.w
(twmtỉnỉs nty-ḫwi)|

3šzp ỉmỉ.t-pr
n ỉt ḫr zȝ

4f(?)=i m […]
snsn(?) […]
[…] ḥb-sd
ẖnm=ỉ ỉtn m ỉrw=f

ʿq=ỉ ḫr=k
dgȝ=ỉ nfrw=k
ḥqȝ=ỉ ẖn nb n ỉtn
snfr=ỉ tȝ-sn.t
ḫwỉ=ỉ pr-nṯr
m ỉḫt nb
ḏỉ=k n=ỉ

ỉw=ỉ ḥr ns.t=k
ḥr ỉr(.t) mr=k
ỉw ʿȝ=k r nṯr nb

1 The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lord of the Two Lands,
(Autokrator Caesar)|
2 Son of Re, Lord of Appearances,
(Domitian Augustus)|

3 He who receives the ỉmỉ.t-pr deed,134
of a father for a son.

4 I [gl]impse(?) in […]
and unite(?) […]
[…] Sed-festival,
I unite with the disk in his form.

I enter before you,
I view your perfection,
I rule the circuit of the sundisk,
I improve Esna,
I protect Per-netjer,
with all things
which you gave to me.

I am upon your throne,
doing the things you desire,
since you are greatest of all the gods.

In front of Khnum

5nṯr pn šps
ẖnmw nb.t ww m Iwny.t
ḥr.t-tp(?) wr.t m wȝs.t
6ḫnt=sn nty m Iwnw
ḫprw=sn nty m ḥw.t-kȝ.w-ptḥ
Sḫm.t ʿȝ.t Nfr-tm
sšm.w ʿȝ.t nt m ṯnỉ.t
šw Tfn.t 7mr Rʿ

šȝʿ Rʿ m ms=sn
ỉwty(?) mw.t r ms.t=w
ỉšš.n=f m wʿ
tfn.n=f m k.t
m tpy šmw

nṯr.w tw=k rnp ḥr-sȝ kḥkḥ
šȝʿ Rʿ m rw
ṯȝ.wy=f m rw.ty
9qmȝ.n=f ḫmt
ỉt=w Nwn ȝṯt.n s(n)

qdỉ rmṯ msỉ nṯr.w
bȝ n Rʿ m zp-tpy
Ptḥ pn qmȝ ḥmw.w
ḥr-ỉb 10ṯpḥ.t-ḏȝ.t

ẖnmw-Rʿ […]
Mnḥy.t wr.t nb.t ḫnt-tȝ
nṯr.w ʿȝ.w ḥr-ỉb Iwny.t
ḫw=w zȝ=w mr=w
(tmdyns)| ḏ.t

5 This august god,
Khnum and Nebtu in Iunyt,
the great uraeus(?)135 in Thebes,
their statues which are in Heliopolis,
their forms which are in Memphis,
(namely) Great Sakhmet and Nefertem,
their greate images which are in Thinis,
Shu and Tefnut, 6 whom Re adores.136

Re began to give birth to them,
without(?) a mother to bear them.[^fn-73-4]
He expectorated (ỉšš) one,
he spat (tf.n(=f)) out the other,137
on the first day of I Shomu (Pakhons 1).138

8 He said:
Gods, you are rejuvenated!
Reborn after having aged.
Re began as a (single) lion,
his children as two lions,
9 thus he created three.
It is their father, Nun, who nursed them.139

He who built people and birthed gods,
the Ba of Re in the first moment,
this Ptah, who created the craftsmen,
within 10 the Tjepehet-Djat.

The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Khnum-Re […]140
Menhyt the great, lady of Khent-ta,
the great gods within Iunyt,
may they protect their beloved son,
(Domitian)| forever.

Khnum Lord of the Field

11ḏd-mdw n ẖnmw nb ww
nṯr šps ḫnty [sḫ.t=f?]
[…] 12mnḫ nb […]
ʿḥʿy nfr [n Km.t]
m […] nṯry […]
n zȝ=f mr=f
n ʿḥʿ ḥr ns.t=f

15ḏỉ=ỉ mks nty mȝʿ-[ḫrw]
r-ʿ ḥfn.w n rnp.wt

16ḏỉ=(ỉ) n=k
bw nb wbn Rʿ ḥr=sn
ḥr snỉ-tȝ
r-rwty wr.t=k

11 Words spoken by Khnum Lord of the Terrain,141
august god, foremost [of his field?]
[…] 12 beneficent, lord […]
Good agathos-daimon [of Egypt]
in […] divine […]
13 [the ỉmỉ.t-pr deed]
to his beloved son,
14 […]
the mks-container
to he who stands in his place.

15 I give the mks-container of justi[fication],
for up to millions of years.

16 I grant for you
that all places over which Re shines
are kissing the ground
outside your palace.


17ḏd-mdw n [Nb.t-ww…]
tfn.t zȝ.t Rʿ
ḫnt.t Iwny.t
ḥr.t-tp 18wr.t
ḫpr m ḥȝ.t
ṯnỉ sw r nṯr.w nṯry.t
šps.t nfr.t
ỉỉ(.t) 19ḥnʿ sn=s
ȝw-ỉb ỉn Rʿ mȝȝ=f st

20ḏỉ=ỉ n=k tȝ-šmʿ tȝ-mḥw
m ỉmỉ.t-pr
m ḥḥ.w n rnp.wt
m ḥb-sd.w ʿšȝ.w wr.w

17 Words spoken by [Nebtu…],
Tefnut, daughter of Re,
foremost of Iunyt,
great 18 uraeus,
who came about in the beginning,
distinguished over gods and goddesses,
the good August one,
who arrived 19 with her brother,
Re was happy when he saw them.142

20 I give to you Upper and Lower Egypt,
in the ỉmỉ.t-pr deed,
with thousands of years,
and very numerous Sed-festivals.

Behind the Gods

21mn n=k ỉmỉ.t-pr
n šn n tȝ
n ỉfd.w n nw.t
pr m Nwn
ḫpr [n tȝ]
ỉr m […]
[…] ḥw.t-Rʿ (?)
n ḥp.ty […]

21 Receive the ỉmỉ.t-pr deed,
of the circuit of the earth,
the grb-document,
of the four corners of the sky,
what comes forth from Nun,
what comes about [from the earth],
wht is made […]
[…] the temple of Re(?),
for the limits […]

Esna 74


6ḫʿỉ m ʿḥ
dỉ-ʿ ḥr m[ṯn]
r ḥw.t-nṯr
r mȝȝ wtṯ s(w)

6 Appearing from the palace,
setting a path on the ro[ad]
to the temple,
to see The one who begot him.

The King

(ȝwdwgrtwr kys[rs])|
2zȝ-Rʿ nb-ḫʿ.w
(twmtỉnỉs ḫwỉ)|

3ḥr kȝ-nẖt
4ḫʿỉ [m ʿḥ]
[…] s.t-ḥr
5dỉ ʿnḫ-ḏd-wȝs [nb]
ʿnḫ wȝs nb ḥȝ=f
mỉ Rʿ [ḏ.t]

1 The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lord of the Two Lands,
(Autokrator Caesar)|
2 Son of Re, Lord of Appearances,
(Domitian Augustus)|

3 Horus, the Mighty Bull
4 who appears [from the palace]
[…] the throne of Horus,
5 who gives [all] ʿnḫ-ḏd-wȝs,
all life and dominion surrounds him,
like Re, [eternally].

7nṯr nfr
ḫʿỉ m ʿḥ
ẖn[bb …]
pẖr r-ḥȝ
m sḏd n 8ỉtn
dỉ=f sw
(ḥr) wdỉ mȝwy
mỉ ȝḫty
psḏ m ḥȝ[y]
[…]=f nt 9qdỉ

šzp=f bỉȝ.t nfr.t
r ḥw.t-N.t
bqnqn.w šps[.w]
[…] 10[…]
m Mnḥy.t
mḥn=s ḥr-tp=f
ỉr=s st=s
[ỉmỉ.tw] ỉnḥ.wy=f

7 The good god,
who appears from the palace,
and who hur[ries ….]
and [en]circles all around (it),
as a likeness of 8 the sundisk
as he appears,
sending out rays,
just like Akhty.
Who shines in brightness,
his […] of 9 the Builder (Khnum).

He takes up the good route
towards the Temple of Neith,
the august guardian deities
[….] 10 […]
as Menhyt,
she coils upon upon his head,
making [her] seat,
[between] his eyebrows.

11ʿq r ȝḫ.t
r mȝȝ ỉmỉ=s
wṯz[-nfrw ? …]
[n ḥry nḥ]p=f
sʿḥʿ=f ḥm=k
12ḥr ns.t n nb.wy

ḥkn psḏ.t […]
[…] sw
wdỉ=f snḏ=k
13r ḥp.ty
(r) r’-ʿ st.wt

ỉw=k [ḫʿ].tw
[ḥr] s.t-ḥr
ḫnty-ʿnḫ.w ḏ.t

He who enters the Akhet,
to see what is inside it,
who carries [his perfection ?…]
[of the Chief of] his [Potter’s] Wheel,
so he might install his majesty
12 upon the throne of the Two Lords.

The Ennead rejoices […]
[…] him,
he sends fear of you
13 to the limits (of the cosmos),
and your prestige,
as far as the rays (of the sun).

May you [appear in glory]
[upon] the throne of Horus,
foremost of the living, eternally.

Falcon over the King

14Bḥdty nṯr ʿȝ nb p.t
prỉ m ȝḫ.t

14 Behdety, great god, lord of heaven,
dappled of plumage,
who emerges from the Akhet.

The Palace

wbn n 16nsw

15 The House of Rejoicing:
‘The King 16 has arisen!’


17ḏd=mdw n Mny[.t] wr.t
nb.t [ḫn]t-[tȝ]
ȝsb.t n(t) Rʿ
18nb.t-(r)-ḏr m-m nṯr.w
ḥʿʿ psḏ.t n mȝȝ=s

wsr.t m p.t
ʿnḫ.t 19m tȝ
nb.t nrw m stp-zȝ
ḥqȝ.t m šnw nb n ỉtn

mḥn.t ḥr tp n nṯr nb
nn 20nṯr mḥn=f sw
ḥr tp=s

17 Words spoken by Men[h]yt the great,
Lady of [Khen]t-ta,
Uraeus143 of Re,
Lady of the Palace,
18 All-Lady among the gods:
the Ennead rejoices to see her.

The mighty one in heaven,
the living serpent 19 on earth,
lady of fear in the palace,
Ruler over the whole circuit of the sundisk.

Uraeus on the head of every god,
without 20 a god who would coil himself
upon her head.

nfr.wy mȝȝ=s
ṯḥn.wy 21ptr=s
ṯnỉ.tw r Rʿ
m ȝḫ.w=s
22ʿ m nfrw=s
m rn=s ḏ.t

23mḥn=ỉ ḥr tp=k
wsr=ỉ tp ḥm=k
wḏ=ỉ hh=ỉ r ḫfty.w=k

How beautiful to see her!
How scintillating to behold her!
Even more distinguished than Re
through her excellent powers,
22 equipped with her perfection
[in] her name (of) eternity.

23 ‘I coil upon your head,
I am mighty above your majesty,
I command my flame against your enemies.’

Behind Menhyt

24ỉỉ.tw m ḥtp
[…] nfrw=k
rdỉ=ỉ m ḥr […]
ḫʿỉ m […]
ḥr kȝ nḫt […]
[…] Rʿ
ḫʿ.tw ḥr ns.t=f

24 Welcome!
[…] your perfection.
I put in the face […]
who appears as […]
Horus, the Mighty Bull […]
[…] Re,
you appearing upon his throne.

Incense Hymn above Iunmutef

25ỉr(.t) snṯr n ỉʿrr.t

ʿbw snṯr wr.t-[ḥkȝw]
26Wȝḏy.t nb.t pr-wr
ḥnw.t nb.t pr-nsr
Sḫm.t nsr.t
Wȝḏy.t P ḏp
nb.t Sšn
27nb.t ḫȝbs
ḫr ỉt=t Rʿ

wʿb=t wʿb 28ẖȝb
dmỉ ẖȝb
r sḥḏ p.t

wʿb=t wʿb mỉz(.t)
29dmỉ mỉz(.t)
r sḥḏ p.t

wʿb k(y) ḥr
snṯr k(y) ḏḥwty
wʿb tn 29nṯr.w ṯȝy.w
snṯr tn nṯ ḥm.wt

stp=tn zȝ=tn
nb.t pr-wr
nb.t pr-nsr

sḫm.t zp-snw
nsr.t zp-snw
ḥtp.t zp-snw

sḥtp tn nṯr.w nb.w
dwȝ tn nṯ nb.w
ʿ.wy=sn mḥ(.w)
ẖr mr=ṯ

31ḥtp=t ḫw=t
(twmtyns nty-ḫwỉ)|
mr=t s(w) ḏ.t

25 Giving incense for the uraeus.144
Words spoken:

The incense purifies, o Weret-[hekau],
Wadjyt, Lady of the Per-wer,
Mistress, Lady of the Per-neser,
Sakhmet, the fiery tongue (nsr.t),
Wadjyt of Pe and Dep,
Lady of sšn.t,
27 Lady of ḫȝbs,
She who Rejoices in Life,
before your father, Re.

As you are pure, the coil147 28 is pure:
touch the coil,
in order to illumine148 the sky!

As you are pure, the point149 is pure:
29 touch the point,
in order to illumine the sky!

As Horus purifies you,
so Thoth censes you.
As the male gods purify you all,
so the female goddesses cense you all.

May you protect them!
Lady of the Per-wer,
Lady of the Per-neser.

Nesret (the flaming one)!
Hetepet (the appeased one)!

As all the gods [ap]pease you all,
so all the goddesses praise you all:
their arms are filled
with what you love.

31 As you are peaceful, so may you protect
the King of Upper and Lower Egypt
(Domitian Augustus)|
May you love him, forever!


ʿbw pr-wr

32 Iunmutef,
who purifies the Per-wer.

Above the Gods on the Standards

33bqnqn[.w …]
ḥr mk.t […]
ḥr ḏsr wȝ.wt=f
nỉ sḫm ḏȝ ḏȝ.t
m r’-wȝ.t[=f]
[…] tȝ.wy

33 The protector god[s…]150
protecting […]
sanctifying his roads,
so no evil, male or female,
might be powerful in [his] vicinity
[…] [Lord] of the two lands.151

The Ram

34ẖnmw p(ȝ)-nḫy-nfr
ḥr swr nmt.t=f
p(ȝ) nfy ỉqr
[ḥr …] m[ṯn]=f
r snỉ-tȝ n nb
ḥnʿ psḏ.t=f
m sḫr.w=f

34 Khnum the Good Protector
magnifies his steps,
the Excellent Wind,152
[…] his p[ath],
to kiss the earth for the Lord
of the District of the Chicks,
along with his Ennead
in his forms.

The Double Plumed Crown

ḥr ḏsr wȝ.t=f
ḥr-tp wȝḏ.ty
ḥr swr mỉ.t=f
r wṯz-nfrw
n mḥn.t
m-ẖnw n pr=s

35 Greatest of Powers
is sanctifying his road;
Chief of the Uraei,
is magnifying his path,153
in order to carry the perfection
of the uraeus,
within her domain.


36sỉȝ nṯry
ḥr ḫw.t=f
ʿpy wr
ḥr ʿpy ḥr=f
r mȝȝ Rs.t-ḥw.wt=s
m ḥw.t-nṯr=s

36 The divine falcon
is protecting him;
the great flying scarab,
flies over him,
to see Rs.t-ḥw.wt=s (Neith)
in her temple.

The Khonsu Emblem

37tỉ.t [štȝ.t]
ḥr zȝ sšš.t=f
ḫnsw ḥr ḥn=f m [ʿnḫ?]
r ẖnm nb sḫ.t
m ʿḥ=f ỉmn

37 The [mysterious]154 image
protects his road;
Khonsu guards him in [life?],
to join the Lord of the Field
in his hidden palace.

The Ibis

38tḫn šps
ḥr hb tp-ʿ=f
ỉb n Rʿ
ḥr ḥsb […]
r ỉr(.t) nfrw
n sḏ ỉqr

38 The august ibis,
sends forth before him;
the Heart of Re (Thoth)
reckons […]
to do good things
for the excellent youth.

Behind the Standards

39ḥȝ=tn r=tn
ḏȝ ḏȝ.t
m swȝ.w
n nb-tȝ.wy

zmȝ.t=f s[…]
[…] tpy.w ỉȝw.t=sn
m ỉỉ ḥm=f

39 Go back, all of you,
enemies, male or female,
from the area
of the Lord of the Two Lands!

His road is made […]
the ones upon their standards […]
when his majesty comes.

Esna 75


s.t tn n nṯr.t
pḏ-nmṯ.t ḥr ḥn.t=s (?)
(w)ḏ(ȝ)=s wḏȝ tȝ

ḥw.t-Nt pw snḏm=s ỉm=s
ḥr sʿnḫ ṯȝ.wy n zȝ=s

mr.t n Mnḥy.t
nfr.t n Nb.t-ww
pr-ḥʿʿ n ḥkȝ-pȝ-ẖrd […]
[snsn ḥm=sn] ỉm r nḥḥ

bw sḏm spr.w
[dỉ zȝ] zȝ.t
n šm-ḥr-mw=f

snỉ=s r gb.t
ẖr ỉtn.wy

This place of the goddess,
broad of step while hurrying,
if she is well, the land is well(?)155

That is, the Temple of Neith, in which she sits,
nourishing the children of her son.

The desert (mr.t) of Menhyt,156
the good (place) (nfr.t) of Nebtuu,
the House of Rejoicing (pr-ʿʿ) of Heka the child,
[their majesties]157 consort there eternally.

It is the place of hearing requests
[of Khnum?…]
[who gives a son]158 and daughter
to whomever is loyal to him.

It resembles159 the heaven
bearing the two celestial disks.160

Esna 76

The King

(ỉwtwgrtr ksrs)|
(tmdinis nty-ḫwỉ)|

3ḏd-mdw n zȝ-Rʿ
ỉỉ.n=ỉ ḫr=t
N.t wr.t mw.t-nṯr
nb.t tȝ-sn.t

ỉn=ỉ n=t ỉḫt nb
pr.w m ww=t
ḥrr.w nb
ḫpr.w m sḫ.t
4šȝ nb wȝḏwȝḏ nb
sm.w sgb ỉdb.w
nty nb ḫpr m tȝ
mzỉ.tw n kȝ=t

ntṯ nb.t ww
ṯḥn sm.w
šms-ỉb=t (m) ỉdḥ.w

1 The King of Upper and Lower Egypt
(Autokrator Caesar)|
2 Son of Re
(Domitian Augustus)|

3 Words spoken by the Son of Re
I have come before you,
Neith the great, Mother of God,
Lady of Esna.

I bring to you all good things
which come forth from your field (ww).
All flowers,
which emerge from the field (sḫ.t).
4 All marsh plants, all greenery,
plants which flood the cultivated areas:
all that comes forth from the earth
is brought here for your Ka.

You are the Lady of the Field (ww),
scintillating of plants,
you follow your heart in the papyrus marsh.

First Hapi

5ḥʿpỉ mḥw
bʿḥ 6ẖȝ.wt ỉmỉ.w=s
m rm.w

ỉỉ n nsw.t-bỉty
[N.t wr.t mw.t-nṯr]
[nb.t tȝ]-sn.t

ỉn=f n=t ḥʿpỉ mḥw
ẖr ỉmỉ=f
8mw nṯry ỉỉ m sn[m.t(?)]

[…] pw
swr(.t) Nwn
ỉr(.t) ʿnḫ n tpy.w-tȝ

5 Hapi of Lower Egypt,
who floods 6 the lagoons within it
with fish.

7 Words spoken:
The King of Upper and Lower Egypt
has come [before you],
[Neith the great, Mother of God],
[Lady of E]sna.

He brings to you Hapi of Lower Egypt,
with what is in him,
the divine water which came from Senmet(?).161

who magnifies Nun,
and makes life for those upon earth.

Second Hapi

9Nwn 10spr=f
r nw=f

ỉỉ.n zȝ-Rʿ
[N.t wr.t mw.t-nṯr]
[nb.t tȝ-sn.t]

ỉn=f n=t Nwn
[m?] wn-šps=f
ẖr 12nṯr.w-wr.w
pr(.w) [m …]

[ntt…] ḥr.t-tp
wbn(.t) m Nwn
sḫpr(.t) nty nb

9 Nun162 10 as he arrives
at his time.

11 Words spoken:
The Son of Re
[has come before you],
[Neith the great, Mother of God],
[Lady of Esna].

He brings to you Nun,
[as?] Wenshepsef,163
bearing the great gods164
which come forth [from …]

[You are …] the uraeus,
who arose from Nun.
The mysterious one
who created all that is.

Third Hapi

13ỉṯ-kȝ 14bʿḥ tȝ.wy
n kȝ=f

ỉỉ.n nsw.t-bỉty
(ỉwtgrtr kysrs)|
N.t wr.t mw.t-nṯr
nb.t tȝ-sn.t

ỉn=f n=t ỉṯ-kȝ
16ẖr pr ỉm=f
ḥʿʿ-ỉb=t m sṯỉ.n=ṯ
swr=f sm.w m ḥr=t nfr

ntt sṯ.t ḥʿpỉ m ṯpḥ.t=f
r bʿḥ tȝ.wy
ȝḫ.t rwḏ(.tw) m sṯỉ.n=t

13ỉṯ-kȝ who floods the two lands
for his Ka.

15 Words spoken:
The King of Upper and Lower Egypt
(Autokrator Caesar)|
has come before you,
Neith the great, Mother of God,165
Lady of Esna.166

He brings to you ỉṯ-kȝ,
16 carrying what comes forth from him,
you rejoice from what you had poured out,
he magnifies plants before your eyes.

You are she who pours out167 Hapi from his grotto
in order to flood the two lands,
the field flourishes from what you poured out.