Calendar I (55)

Esna 55


1rḫ(.t) ḥb.w nw Iwny.t
ḥw.t-bȝ.w ḥw.t-ṯȝ.wy
nty ḥr ʿr.w nw nṯr.w
ḥnʿ ḏ(d) n tpy.w-ʿ

1 List of the festivals of Iunyt,
Temple of the Bas, Temple of the Chicks,
which are on the papyri of the gods,
and the oral tradition of the ancestors.

Thoth (Akhet I)

Thoth 1

ḥb wp.t-rnpt nfr nfr
ḥb Nḥb-kȝ.w
ẖnmw ḥnʿ psḏ.t=f

gm šw ỉr.t=ḥr
m-ʿ Swt(ḫ)
nḥm=f sw m […]

nỉs pȝ ʿn
n šzp rnp.t-nfr.t
ỉr(.t) ỉrw nb
mỉ nty r nt-ʿ

sḫʿ n ẖnmw-Rʿ nb tȝ-sn.t
ḥnʿ psḏ.t=f
pr-ẖnmw pr-sȝḥw-Rʿ
ẖnm-ỉtn ḥtp

New Year festival: twice good!
Festival of Nehebkau,
Khnum with his Ennead.

Shu finds the eye of Horus
in the hand of Seth,32
he takes it as […]

Reading the tablet
of receiving the Good Year.33
Perform all rites
like what is on the festival papyrus.

Procession of Khnum-Re Lord of Esna,
along with his Ennead:
(to) Per-Khnum (and) Per-Sahure.
Union with the disk. Return.

Thoth 4

m ʿȝ-ỉb
ḥb ḏḥwty

Do not be haughty!34
Festival of Thoth.

Thoth 9

ḥb Imn ḥb Rw
m wp.t-rnp.t
ḏ(d) tpy.w-ʿ

ỉr(.t) mnḫ.t n ẖnmw
ḥnʿ psḏ.t=f
n Pr-ẖnmw n sḫ.t
nn s(w) m ḥr(.w)

Festival of Amun, Festival of Re,
being the New Year,
as the ancestors would say.

Giving linens to Khnum
along with his Ennead
of Per-Khnum of the Field,
but not in public.35

Thoth 10

ʿḥȝ nfr
ḥb tfn.t m Iwny.t
2ỉn Rʿ ỉr n=s
šȝʿ ỉr(.t) kȝ.t
n ms.w Srq.t

sḫʿ n Nb.t-ww Nb.t tȝ-sn.t
ḏbȝ=s m ḥbs n ins
ḫʿỉ r s.t-ḥry […]
[…] ms.w Rʿ

šzp jns
jr(.t) ʿȝb.t ʿȝ.t

sḫʿ n Is.t m pr-nṯr
r wȝḥ ỉt
n sn=s Wsỉr ḥnʿ […]

sḫʿ nṯr.t tn
m tr n rwhȝ

ḥtp n pr-ẖnmw

Bad and good.
Festival of Tefnut in Iunyt:
2 it is Re who acts for her.
Beginning doing work
for the children of Serqet.36

Procession of Nebtu, Lady of Esna;
covering her in red cloth;
going to the Higher Place […],
[…] of the children of Re.

Receiving red cloth.
performing a great offering.

Procession of Isis in Per-netjer,
in order to lay down offerings
for her brother Osiris, along with […]

Procession of this goddess
at the time of evening.

Return to the temple of Khnum.

Thoth 1[2]

sḫʿỉ n nṯr.t tn
r pr-sȝḥw-Rʿ
ḥtp m tȝ-sn.t
m tr n rwhȝ

[Pro]cession of this goddess
to Per-sahure,
returning to Esna
at the time of evening.

Thoth 14

ḥb twtw zȝ N.t
ṯz ỉḫt (ḥr) ḫȝw.t

Festival of Tutu, son of Neith:
binding offerings (on) the altar.

Thoth 19

ḥb ḏḥwty ʿȝ wr
m tȝ-r-ḏr=f
ḥb ḥr

ʿq šw zȝ Rʿ
r ḏȝ-rȝ n ỉt=f
m hrw pn
ỉr.t ỉrw nb

Festival of Thoth, the very great
in the entire land.
Festival of Horus.

Shu, the son of Re, enters
to feed his father
on this day.
Performing every ritual.

Thoth 21

ỉr.t mȝʿ-ḫrw
n ḏḥwty m-bȝḥ Rʿ

Performing justification
for Thoth before Re.

Paophi (Akhet II)

Paophi [1?]

[…] nḏ.t ỉr.t-ḥr
hrw pfy

3 pr ỉn šw
ḥnʿ tfn.t
r wḏʿ ỉmy.w-ẖ.t

sḫʿỉ n ḥkȝ ḫnsw ḏḥwty
ẖnm-ỉtn ḥtp

[…] protecting the Eye of Horus
on this day.

3 Shu comes forth
together with Tefnut
to cut off37 the intestines(?)
of his Majesty.

Procession of Heka, Khonsu-Thoth.
Union with the disk, return.

Paophi 4

ḥb Gm-bȝ.w=s ỉr.t-ḥr
m bȝ=s m bȝẖ

nṯr.t m hrw pn Nb.t-ww
bwt=s ḥqr ỉbw

sḫʿỉ n nṯr.t tn ḥnʿ […]
sḏr m pr=s
n tr n rwhȝ

Festival of Gm-bȝ.w=s:
the Eye of Horus was found
in her (appeased) Ba-form38 in Bakhu.

The goddess in this day is Nebtu,
her taboos are hunger and thirst.

Procession of this goddess with […]
in her presence,
spending the night in her temple
at the time of evening.

Paophi 6

ḥb Mnḥy.t n=s ỉn ḥmw.wt

ḥb Is.t
šȝʿ ỉr(.t) ḥb
ḫ(r).tw r=f

Festival of Menhyt:
rejoicing for her by women.

Festival of Isis.
Also called:
Festival of Beginning to Act(?)

Paophi 14

ʿq m hrw pn
sḫʿ ẖnmw-Rʿ
nb sḫ.t
ḥnʿ psḏ.t=f
ẖnm-ỉtn ḥtp
ỉḫt (ḥr) ḫȝw.t

Festival on this day.
Procession of Khnum-Re,
Lord of the Field,
along with his Ennead:
Union with the disk, return,
food (upon) the altar.

Paophi 16

ḥb N.t
ḥb ỉr.t-Rʿ
ỉn sy šw

Festival of Neith,
Festival of the Eye of Re,
Shu brings her back.

Paophi 19

ḥb Imn m ỉp.t=f

Festival of Amun in his Opet.

Paophi 25

ḥb Ptḥ nb ʿnḫ-tȝ.wy
ḥb ḥkȝ

Festival of Ptah, Lord of Ankh-tawy.
Festival of Heka.

Paophi 28

ḥb Mnḥy.t-Nb.t-ww
4sḫʿ nṯr.t tn
r swḏȝ sḫ.t

ỉr(.t) ỉrw nb n ḥtp
m wsḫ.t-ḫʿ

Festival of Menhyt-Nebtu,
4 procession of this goddess
to make the field thrive.

Performing every ritual of resting
in the Court of Appearances.

Hathor (Akhet III)

Hathor 1

ḥb sḫm.t

sḫʿ n mdw.w
n nṯr.w ʿȝ.w
ḥtp n p(ȝ) wbȝ
n ḫft-ḥr
ỉr(.t) ỉrw=sn

Festival of Sekhmet.

Procession of the standards39
of the great gods.
Stop at the entrance hall
near the processional way.
Perform their rites.

Hathor 10

ʿḥȝ nfr
ḥb N.t ḥnʿ zȝ=s

Bad and good.
Festival of Neith with her son,

Hathor 19

tȝ ỉns […]

The red cloth […]

Hathor 2[2?]

ḥȝ.t n wp ḥkȝ
r pr ẖnmw

Start of the festival of Heka,
at/towards Per-Khnum.40

Hathor 23

Nb.t-ww ẖnmw pȝ nḫy nfr
r tȝ s.t-ʿȝ.t

ỉr.t qbḥw snṯr
ḥtp n pr-ẖnmw

Nebtu, Khnum the Good Champion,
towards the Great Place.41

Doing cool water and incense,
return to Per-Khnum.

Hathor 25

šw [zȝ Rʿ]
[…ẖnmw] nb sḫ.t

Shu [son of Re]
[…Khnum] Lord of the Field.42

Hathor 29

ỉʿb ỉḫt
ḫ r=f

sḫʿ n Nb.t-ww
m ḥb=s nfr

ḥtp n tȝ wsḫ.t n bnr
ỉr ʿȝb.t m bȝḥ=s
mỉ nty r pȝ ʿḥʿ
n (mn-ḫpr-Rʿ)|

ḫʿ r t(ȝ) s.t-ʿȝ.t nfr.t
ḥr sȝ ḥn rwhȝ
ḥtp n pr-nṯr

Assembling offerings:
so this (festival) is called.

Procession of Nebtu
in her good festival.43

Stopping in the outter courtyard,
doing a mixed offering before her,
like what is on the stela
of (Menkheperre)| (i.e. Thutmosis III).

Going out to the Great, good Place after the evening service,
return to Per-netjer.

Hathor 30

5sḫʿ n ḥkȝ pȝ-ẖrd
r s.t-ʿȝ.t

ỉr(.t) ỉrw nb
n hrw ẖn.t

5 Procession of Heka the Child
to the Great Place.

Perform every rite
of the day of the boat procession.44

Khoiak (Akhet IV)

Khoiak 1

ḥb kȝ-ḥr-kȝ
sḫʿ.n ẖnmw-Rʿ
ḥry s.t-f wr.t m Iwny.t
ḥ(nʿ) psḏ.t=f
ẖnm-ỉtn ḥtp

sḫʿ.n Nb.t-ww
ḥnʿ ỉmy.w-(ḫ.t)=s
r tȝ s.t-ʿȝ.t
ỉr(.t) snṯr qbḥw
ḥtp m pr-ẖnmw
ỉḫt (ḥr) ḫȝw.t

Khoiak Festival.45
Procession of Khnum-Re
upon his great throne in Iunyt,
along with his Ennead.
Union with the sundisk. Return.

Procession of Nebtu,
together with her retinue,
to the Great Place.
Giving incense and cool water,
returning to Per-Khnum,
offering (upon) the altar.

Khoiak 2

ḥb ẖnmw

Festival of Khnum

Khoiak 1-6

ỉỉ ḫr nṯr.w m spȝ.t=sn
r mȝȝ nṯr šps
m rn=sn

ḥr Nḫn
šw zȝ-Rʿ
ḥw.t-ḥr wr.t nb.t ʿgny
Nb.t-ḥw.t n Pr-mr
Mnḥwy ʿšȝ-dm
m ḥw.t-ḥtp
ḥr ỉȝbty n ḥfȝ.t
Sbk nb Swmnw
ḥr nb Swmnw
zȝ Gbb pw
ḥmn m sḫ.t-ỉwr.t
Imn m P
nty ḥr ỉȝbt.t n tȝ-sn.t

ḫpr nn nṯr.w
m pr ẖnmw n sḫ.t
šȝʿ (m) 6ȝbd 4 ȝḫ.t hrw 1
nfry.t r hrw 6
ḥr ỉr(.t) qbḥw
n ỉmy.w ỉmḥ.t

ỉw mšʿ n=s
(ḥr) ỉr(.t) hrw nfr
m-dbn ḥw.t-nṯr tn

ỉr.t ỉrw nb n ḫʿỉ
n nṯr pn šps
m tr n rwh
mỉ nty r ȝbd 3 šmw 20

Then gods come from their districts
to see the august god,
in their names:46

Horus of Nekhen (Hierakonpolis),
Shu son of Re;
Hathor the great, Lady of Agny;
Nephthys in Per-mer (Komir);
Menehwy, numerous of knives
in Hut-hetep;
Horus the Eastern in Hefat (Mo’alla);
Sobek Lord of Sumenu (el-Rizeiqat);
Horus Lord of Sumenu
(that means the son of Geb);
Hemen in Sekhet-Iuret;
who is to the East of Esna.

These gods are
in the temple of Khnum of the Field,
from 6 IV Akhet day 1
until day 6,
performing cool water offerings,
to those within the crypt.

A multitude attends it,
performing hrw-nfr
all around this temple.

Perform all rites of procession
for this august god,
at the time of evening,
just like on Epiphi 20.47

Khoiak 3

sḫʿ.n ẖnmw-Rʿ nb sḫ.t
ẖnm-ỉtn ḥtp

pẖr pȝ ḏȝḏȝ m wn.t
ỉn ḥkȝ pȝ ẖrd
qdỉ m-dbn tȝ wʿb.t

Procession of Khnum-Re Lord of the Field.
Uniting the sundisk, return.

Going quickly around the tribune,
by Heka the Child,
encircling the Wabet.

Khoiak 4

sḫʿ.n Nb.t-ww
ḥnʿ ỉmỉ.w(-ḫt)=s
r tȝ s.t-ʿȝ.t

ỉr.t ḥb m bȝḥ=s
ḥtp n pr-ẖnmw
m tr n rwh

Procession of Nebtu,
with her retinue
to the Great Place.

Making festival before her.
Return to Per-Khnum
at the time of evening.

Khoiak 5

pȝ ẖrd r tȝ s.t-ʿȝ.t

The child to the Great Place.

Khoiak 6

sḫʿ n ẖnmw-Rʿ nb sḫ.t
ʿḥʿ[.ỉ]n nṯr.w
ỉỉ(.w) m spȝ.t=sn
m ḫft-ḥr n nṯr pn

ḏ(d) ỉn pȝ sš-nṯr
ỉ nṯr.w nṯry.t nb
ỉw(.w) r mȝȝ ẖnmw m wpy=f
spr=tn r spȝ.t=tn
m ȝw.t-ỉb

7sḫʿ.n nṯr.w r spȝ.t=sn
ỉn wʿb n=sn ỉmy

Nb.t-ww ḥkȝ pȝ ẖrd
r pr-Sȝḥw-Rʿ
ḥtp m tȝ-sn.t
m tr n rwhȝ

Procession of Khnum-Re Lord of the Field.
The gods who arrived from their district
make a processional stop
in the forecort of this god.

The the scribe of god says:
‘O all gods and goddesses
who came to see Khnum in his wpy-festival,
may you reach your districts
in happiness!’

7 Procession of the gods to their district
by each of their respective wʿb-priests.

Nebtu, Heka the Child
towards Per-Sahure.
Return to Esna
at the time of evening.

Khoiak 11

ẖnmw pȝ-nḫy-nfr
r pr-Sȝḥw-Rʿ
ḥtp m Iwny.t m hrw pn

Khnum the Good Protector
towards Per-Sahure,
return to Iunyt on this day.

Khoiak 25

wn ʿ.wy m r-pr.w
ỉḫt (ḥr) ḫȝw.t

Open the doors of the temples.
Offerings (upon) the altar.

Khoiak 26

ḥtp nṯr m pr-sȝḥw-Rʿ
ỉr(.t) ỉrw nb

ỉr ḥr-sȝ
sḫʿ n ẖnmw (pȝ)-nḫy-nfr
ḥr sḥr ḏȝ.t m pr pn

Festival of Sokar:
this god rests in Per-Sahure,
perform all rites.

procession of Khnum the Good Protector,
repelling all enemies from this temple.

Khoiak 27

ḥb N.t
wn ʿ.wy m s.wt
wrḥ nṯr.w

sḫʿ.n nṯr.t
ḥnʿ psḏ.t=s
ẖnm-ỉtn ḥtp

Festival of Neith:
Open doors in the places,
anoint the gods.48

Procession of the goddess
together with her Ennead,
Union with the sun disk, return.

Khoiak 30

ḥb sʿḥʿ ḏd
n Wsỉr m pr-nṯr

Festival of raising the Djed-pillar
for Osiris in Per-netjer.

Tybi (Peret I)

Tybi 1

ḥb Tfn.t
sḫʿ.n Mnḥy.t Nb.t-ww ḥkȝ

Festival of Tefnut.
Procession of Menhyt, Nebtu, Heka.

Tybi 4

pr(.t) r-ḥȝ ỉn šmʿ-nfr
dỉ(.t) n=f ʿnḫ.w
m-bȝḥ 8ỉt=f mw.t=f
ỉḫt ḥr ḫȝw.t

Going out by Shemanefer.49
Giving him flowers
before 8 his father and mother.50
Offering upon the altar.

Tybi 17

ẖn.t pw n Mnḥy.t

It is the boat procession of Menhyt.

Tybi 18

ḥb N.t
ḥb wr-ḥkȝw
ḥb ẖrd m zȝw

sḫʿ.n nṯr.t tn
ỉr.t ỉrw nb n ẖn.t
m pȝ ỉšrw
nfry.t r hrw 21

Festival of Neith.
Festival of Eldest of Magic (Heka).
Festival of the Child in Sais.

Procession of this goddess.
Perform all rites of a boat procession
in the Isheru,
until the 21st.

Tybi 19

ḏbȝ ẖnm-ỉtn
n Nb.t-ww

Clothing,51 Union with the sun disk for Nebtu.

Tybi 28

ẖn.t pw
nfry.t r hrw 4

It is the boat procession,
until the fourth day ([Mechir 1]).

Tybi 29

ḥb ʿq r nỉw.t=f
sḫʿ.n ẖnmw-Rʿ nb tȝ-sn.t

Festival of Entering his City.
Procession of Khnum-Re Lord of Esna

Tybi 30(?)

ḥb ḥw.t-ḥr nb.t ʿgny

Festival of Hathor, Lady of Agny.52

Meshir (Peret II)

Meshir 1

ḥb nṯr.w nṯry.t
ỉr.t ỉrw nb
n ẖn.t
ḥtp ḥr s.t=sn
ỉr.t hrw nfr ỉn z nb

Festival of gods and goddesses.
Perform all rites
of boat processions,
return to their seats.
Everybody celebrates hrw-nfr.

Meshir 6

ḥb šw
ḥb ỉrt-ḥr
sḫm.t pw
ḥb Mnḥy.t
nṯr.t m hrw pn

Festival of Shu.
Festival of the Eye of Horus
(that means Sakhmet).
Festival of Menhyt.
The goddess in this day
is Great of Love.

Meshir 8

ḥb N.t
9 wn ʿ.wy
m ḥw.t-N.t
rḏỉ ḥtp.w n psḏ.t=s
nṯr.t tn ḥnʿ psḏ.t=s […]
[…] N.t
ḥr-sȝ ỉr.t ḥn n rwhȝ
ẖnm-ỉtn ḥtp

Festival of Neith.53
9 Open the doors
in the Temple of Neith,
give offerings to her Ennead,
this go with her Ennead […]
Afterwards, do the evening service.
Unite with the sundisk, return.

Meshir 17

ḥb N.t nb.t tȝ-mḥw
ỉr(.t) mỉt.t ḥb tȝ-nt-šmr.t
n nb.t zȝw

Festival of Neith, Lady of Lower Egypt.
Do like in the festival of She of the Bow(?)
for the lady of Sais.54

Meshir 21

ḥb qn
sḫʿ.n ḥkȝ
r wsḫ.t-ḫʿ
ỉr.t ỉrw nb n ḥb qn
m pȝ wbȝ n nṯr pn

10 […]
m ḫft-ḥr n nṯr pn

Festival of Victory.
Procession of Heka
to the court of appearances.
Perform all rites
for the Festival of Victory
in the forecourt of this god.

10 […]
on the dromos of this god.