Cryptographic Ram Text (103)

Esna 103

1ỉȝw n=k
pȝ bȝ ʿȝ ʿnḫ
ḥry nṯr.w

1 Praise be unto you,
o great living Ba,246
chief of the gods.247

ẖnmw-Rʿ nb tȝ-s[n.t]

Khnum-Re Lord248 of E[sna].249

[msỉ?] nṯr.w
qdỉ ʿ[w.t]250

[Who birthed] the gods,
who built251 live[stock] (?)

2nṯr nb nṯr.w

2 God, Lord of Gods.252

ẖnmw nb ẖnmw.w

Khnum, Lord of Khnums.253

qdỉ nb qdỉ.w

Builder, Lord of Builders254

tȝ-ṯnn ṯnỉ [r nṯr.w]

Tatenen, most distinguished [of the gods].255

kȝ(?) mrỉ snsn(?)

Bull(?), who loves coupling(?).256

wsn ỉr nḏmnḏm

Lusty ram who makes sexual pleasure.257

bȝ ʿnḫ ỉr bȝ[.w…]

Living Ba, who made the Ba[s…]258

wbn sḥḏ tȝ.wy

He who shines,259 and illumines260 the two lands.261

nb nḥp

Lord of the Potter’s Wheel.262

qdỉ nty

He who built that which is.263