Intercolumnar Wall B (86-88)

Esna Tempel 15

Esna 86

  • Location: Facade, Intercolumnar Wall B
  • Date: Vespasian
  • Hieroglyphic Text
  • Bibliography: None

Cartouches of Vespasian.

Esna 87

ỉt m šȝʿ
ṯz pr.t n nṯr.w rmṯ
nb sḫm.ty
ḥqȝ mn.ty
rḏỉ ỉȝw.t n mr=f

ʿḥʿ(.w) ḥr ns.t=f
ḥr ḫbỉ ỉnw
m tȝ ḥr-ȝw=f
tȝ r-ḏr=f n=f m ʿq
ỉw=f m nsw.t
mn(.w) wȝḥ(.w) n nḥḥ
ỉwty wḥm.t=fy ḏ.t

The Father in the Beginning,
who binds seed for gods and men,
lord of the two crowns/uraei,
ruler of the desert regions,
who gives the office to whom he prefers,

(so that he)225 ascends upon his throne,
collecting tribute
from the entire world,
the whole world belongs to him in joy,
while he is the king,
remaining and enduring for eternity,
without one who might ever repeat him.

Esna 88

The King

(nyrwn krwtys gysrs)|
2zȝ-Rʿ nb-ḫʿ.w
(krmnyqs Awtkrtwr)|

3nb šmʿ-s
ḥqȝ mḥw-s
ḏmd[.n]=f m sḫm.ty

1 The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lord of the Two Lands,
(Nero Claudius Caesar)|
2 Son of Re, Lord of Appearances,
(Germanicus Autokrator)|

3 Lord of the White Crown,
Ruler of the Red Crown,
he unit[ed] them as the Double Crown.


4ḏd-mdw n ḥr-zȝ-Is.t […]
5m sḫm.ty
šmʿ-mḥw wr.w
m tp=k
zmȝ.n=k tȝ.wy m ḥtp
[ḥr] s.t-ḥr
ḫnty ʿnḫ.w

6ȝm.n=k psš.ty
dmḏ m ḫfʿ=k
kȝwt wȝḏ.ty
m [ʿ.wy]=k
[ḫʿ].tw m nsw.t-bỉty
ḥr s.t-ḥr ḏ.t

4 Words spoken by Harsiese […]
5 as the double crown,
Upper and Lower Egypt are great
on your head,
having united the two lands in peace,
[upon] the throne of Horus,
foremost of the living.

6 You have grabbed the two shares,
united in your fist,
carry the two papyrus scepters
in your [hands],
you [appear] as King
upon the throne of Horus, forever.


7ḏd-mdw n nb ḫmnw
nb [tȝ-s]n.t […]
9m zp[…]

10ḏỉ sšd ḫʿỉ m sḫm.ty

7 Words spoken by the Lord of Hermopolis,
Lord of [Es]na […]
8 […]
9 as one[…]

10 Who puts the diadem on the double crown,
who does […]

Khnum-Re Lord of the Field

11ḏd-mdw n ẖnmw-Rʿ
nb sḫ.t
šw zȝ-Rʿ
ʿ[n-ḫʿỉ] 12ḥr wrr.t
m tȝ-šmʿ tȝ-mḥw
bȝ šfy-ḥȝ.t
ḥqȝ ḥqȝ[.w …]
[…] 13ḥr mw=f
[…] r sḫr.w=f

14ḏỉ=ỉ n=k ỉȝw.t n Rʿ
ns.t n šw
ỉmỉ.t-pr n zȝ Wsỉr

11 Words spoken by Khnum-Re
Lord of the Field,
Shu, son of Re,
Fi[ne of appearance] 12 upon the chariot
in Upper and Lower Egypt,226
Beautiful of face,
Sweet of love,
Ba, prestigious of face,
ruler, who rules […]
[…] 13 who is loyal to him,
[…] about his condition.

14 I give you the office of Re,
the throne of Shu,
the ỉmỉ.t-pr deed of the son of Osiris.


15ḏd-mdw n Nb.t-ww nb.t-tȝ-sn.t
tfn.t ḥr.t-tp n Rʿ
mḥ.t p.t tȝ 16m nfrw=s

nb.t wr.t
sšm.t tȝ.wy
rdỉ.t ỉȝw.t=s n mr=s
nỉ hb ʿḥ 17m-ḫm=s
wʿ.t […]

18ḏỉ=ỉ n=k ẖry.w nw.t
ḥry.w sȝ Gbb
ḥtr[=ỉ] n-k tȝ.w nb
m wȝḥ-tp

15 Words spoken by Nebtu Lady of Esna,
Tefnut, uraeus of Re,
who fills heaven and earth with her beauty.

Great lady,
who guides the two lands,
who gives her office to whom she prefers,
nobody enters the palace with her unaware,
the sole one […]

18 I give to you what is below Nut,
what is above the back of Geb.
[I] force all lands to you in service
with bowed heads.