Laboratory (119-125)

All texts and scenes from the Laboratory were recently discussed in detail by Vadas 2020. A photograph of the ensemble can be found on Vadas 2020, p. 127, Fig. 2.

Esna 119

[ỉỉ.n] ([…])ḫr=k *
ẖnmw nb nṯr.w […]
m ỉd.t=f

[The king (…)has come] before you,
Khnum, lord of the gods […]
with his scent

Esna 120


1ỉr(.t) snṯr n bȝ wr-šfy.t
sȝẖ kȝ=f m tp-rȝ=f
2mzỉ dbḥ.w nw ỉḫt-nṯr
3ỉr(.t) ỉrw nb
n wʿb ʿȝ m hrw=f
ẖr.t-hrw nn ȝb

1 Offering incense to the Ba, great of prestige,
transfiguring his Ka with his utterance,
2 bringing311 the requirements of the divine rite,
3 performing every ritual
by the priest, great in his day,
daily, without interruption.

The King

4 […]
5 […]
([tmt]yns xwỉ)
6 […] nfr […]
7ỉr nty.w-ʿ
m ḥw.t-ẖnmw *

4 […]
5 […]
([Domit]ian Augustus)
6 […] good […]
7 who performs rituals
in the Temple of Khnum.

Khnum-Re Lord of Esna

8[…] n tȝ mỉ-qd=f
9ẖnmw-[Rʿ] nb tȝ-sn.t
10 […]
nb ʿnḫ
ỉỉ n ʿš 11[n=f…]
[…] tȝ pn
nn tȝ šw 12 […]
[…]f sšr.w m tȝ r-ḏr=f

13[…] nfr […]
ỉr wnn.t
pȝwty tpy
ms pȝwty.w
ẖnm ḥr nb ḥr nḥp=f
nṯr wʿ ḫpr ḥḥ.w
ẖnmw qdỉ m šȝʿ

8 […] of the entire land
9 Khnum-[Re] Lord of Esna,
Ba 10 […]
Lord of Life,
who comes to whomever calls 11 [to him…]
[…] this land,
without any land devoid of 12 […]
[…] he […] plans in the whole earth.

13 […] good […]
who made what exists,
the first Primeval one,
who birthed the Primeval gods,
who joined everybody on his potter’s wheel,
the sole god who became millions:
Khnum, the builder in the beginning

Esna 121

ʿnḫ nṯr nfr
smn nty.w-ʿ
m ḥw.t-ỉt
ḥr ȝḫ
nfrw=f sḏfȝ ḥtp.w
r nw=f
sȝḫ kȝ=f ḥr wḏḥw
mn(.w) r ḥn.ty

Live the good god,
who established rituals
in the Temple of the Father,
whose mouth is firm312
upon (saying) what is excellent;
it is his perfection that provisions313 offerings
at its proper time,314
and transfigures his Ka upon the altar,
enduring for all eternity.

Esna 122


1ḥnk ỉrp n mw.t[=f]

1 Offering wine for [his] mother.

The King


2 King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lord of the Two Lands,
3 (Autokra(tor))
4 (Domi(t)ia(n))


5Mnḥ.t 6nb.t ḫnt-tȝ

5 Menhyt, 6 Lady of Khent-ta


7nb.t-ww […]

7 Nebtu […]

Esna 123


1šms ʿntyw [n mw.t=f]

1 Serving myrrh [to his mother].

The King

2zȝ-Rʿ nb-ḫʿ.w

2 Son of Re, Lord of Appearances,
3 (Autok(rator))
4 (Dom(itian))


5N.t wr.t
6mw.t-nṯr nb.t 7 tȝ-sn.t

5 Neith the great,
6 Mother of God, Lady of 7 Esna.


8tȝ-(nt) (pr)-Bȝst.t
9ʿḏ.t Bȝst.t 315

8 She of Bubastis,
9 the ichneumon, Bastet.


10ḥkȝ pȝ-ẖrd 11 wr […]

10 Heka the child, 11 great […]

Esna 124

NB: For the individual ingredients and objects mentioned, most of which are depicted in Esna 120, see the detailed commentary by Vadas 2020.

1[pr]-ḥḏ n kȝpw pw
ʿpr(.w) m ỉḫt nb nfr
m dbḥ.w nw ỉr.t-ḥr

ỉhm.w wr.w m ʿšȝ=sn
[…] m sštȝ=f
m pr(.t) ḥr wḏḥ=f
nn-b m qmḥ.w
ḫȝw nb nw Pwn.t
gȝ.wt nw tȝ-nṯr
ỉw=sn ỉry r s.t tn

nḏm.wy ḫnm=s
wr.wy sṯỉ=s
ḥḏ ỉȝd.t=s ḥr.w nb

1 This is the treasury of Kyphi,
equipped with all good things,
with ingredients of the Eye of Horus.

Great ỉhm.w in numerous amounts,
[…] in its secret form,
as that which goes upon his altar.
styr[a]x on branches,316
all resins from Punt,
the products317 of God’s Land,
they are all in this place.

How sweet is its scent!
How great its aroma!
Its musk brightens every face!

2bw n ỉrp pw
s.t n ỉnm.t
tḫ ỉm=s
ḥʿʿ m-ḫnt=s
wnf-ỉb (ḥr) pr m-ẖnw=s

ḫpr m Im.t
ḥw.t-ỉḥ.t m-ʿb Knm.t
ỉn.w nb nw dsds
ḥtr(.w) r ʿrry.t tn

nḏm-ỉb tḫ ỉm=s
nwḥ r-ȝw m r’-wȝ.t=s

2 This is the place of wine,
the seat of ỉnm.t-vintage,
drunkennes is inside,
rejoicing is within,
and exaltation emerges from it.

[…from S]uni,
which comes from Imet,
Hut-Ihet and Kharga Oasis,
all products of Bahariya Oasis
are gathered to this portal:318

Joy and drunkenness are therein,
total inebriation surrounds it!

Esna 125

NB: For the individual ingredients and objects mentioned, most of which are depicted in Esna 120, see the detailed commentary by Vadas 2020.

1s.t tn nfr.t
n nwd šps
ỉwnn pw n N.t nb kȝpw
ḥnw.t Pwn.t
ỉ[zwy] n sḫp
n mḏ ỉbr tỉ-šps ḥknw
nw ḫȝw nb.w nw fk-ḥr.t

2sḥ pn nfr
s.t sḫn n ḥḏ.t-wr.t
mnqb n ḥw.t-ḥr nb.t šsm.t
ʿ[.t] n ḫȝʿ snṯr mnwr
ṯz.wt nw pẖr.w

ʿq.n šsmw r nw=f
r ỉr(.t) ỉrw nb ỉm=f
r sḥb Iwny.t
m ḫnm nḏm nn ȝb

1 This good place,
(it is) the throne
of the August Distiller (Shesemu),
it is the sanctuary of Neith, lady of kyphi,
mistress of Punt,
the la[boratory]319 of production
of ointment, ỉbr, tỉ-šps, oil,
of all resins from Fek-heret.

2 This good chamber,
the place of alighting for the Great White,320
the palace of Hathor, Lady of Shesemet,
the room of applying incense and mn-wr,
and ingredients of recipes.

Shesemu enters at his proper time321,
to perform every rite in it,
in order to make Iunyt festive,
with sweet aromas, without fail.